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Sustainable Energy

By 2017, all of our trains will run on sustainable energy. This will provide passengers with access to climate neutral travel over longer distances.

Purchasing sustainable energy

The energy will come from newly constructed wind farms belonging to our energy supplier Eneco. This will also stimulate the energy market and help encourage the growth of sustainable energy generation. This year, almost 75% of our trains run on sustainable energy and by 2017 we will be powered entirely by green energy!

Sustainability goals

The mobility sector is responsible for more than 20% of the Netherlands' carbon dioxide emissions. As a leader in sustainable transport, the railway sector wants to shoulder its responsibilities in this area. Our passengers and other stakeholders also expect that of us. Every traveller who leaves the car at home and takes the train already emits 95% less carbon dioxide during his or her journey, and in a few years, a train journey will result in close to zero carbon dioxide emissions.

New sources

NS has signed a contract with Eneco for the supply of traction power. The required energy is 1.4 terrawatt hours (equivalent to 1% of all electricity used in the Netherlands, or all the energy used by the inhabitants of Amsterdam per year). The sustainable energy that we will be using will be produced in new wind farms that are gradually being brought into use over the coming years in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Belgium, among other places. This allows the energy to be traced directly back to its source. NS is not staking a claim to any existing sources of sustainable energy. As a result, the supply of sustainable energy on the energy market will grow significantly.

In the table, you can see which parks VIVENS gets the sustainable energy from:

Other rail carriers are participating as well

NS is purchasing sustainable energy on behalf of VIVENS, the association of rail carriers, including: ProRail, Arriva, Connexxion, Kombi Rail Europe, DB Schenker, ERS Railways, HSL Logistik, Rotterdam Rail Feeding and Rurtalbahn Benelux.