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We strive to be transparent regarding our performance, and European and Dutch regulations require us to publish information about our performance.

Services during transfers of transport concessions

The Dutch railway network has several rail companies. Via tenders, they acquire transport concessions for sections of the network. Occasionally, at the end of a concession term, the transporters for a section of the network may change and a different transport company may run on a route that had previously been served by NS Reizigers. In that case, NS Reizigers will continue to provide certain services to the new transporter.  

These services may include the shared use of:

  • NS Ticket Machines ( ET2006/ET2006+)
  • Station layout formula Managed Station Access (Beheerste Toegang Stations (BTS)) for shared stations
  • NS card readers (CiCo) and relevant infrastructure
  • Service- & Alarm posts (SA)
  • Route- and Pricing Web Service(WRP)

Service requests / NS Reizigers contact:

A detailed description of the services that NS Reizigers can provide for other transporters can be found in the "Station Resources Service Catalogue" link below.

Requests for one or more of the services offered in the Station Resources Service Catalogue can be submitted by filling in the request form below. The completed request form can be sent to the Single Point Of Contact NSR:

A confirmation of receipt is usually sent within 3 working days.

Other questions from public transport companies regarding NS Reizigers services can also be sent to the Single Point Of Contact NSR:

Semi-annual report NS 2015 / 2016

In the semi-annual report, NS reports on its performance over the past six months. These figures provide an indication of the expected performance over the course of the year.

Annual report NS 2015

In its annual report, NS provides information about its performance over the past year.

European PRR report and complaint registration

European regulations require us to review our performance based on the service quality norms. The quality performance report can be found below. This document also contains the annual report for NS Reizigers B.V. (hereafter referred to as NS Reizigers).