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Intercity Rijtuigen ICR

Intercity Rijtuigen (ICR) is a single deck Intercity, built by Talbot in Aken. The ICR-1-3 was introduced between 1980 an 1982, the ICR-4 in 1988 and the control car Bds in 2003/2004. Between 2000 and 2005, the ICR was overhauled and modernised and since then it has been known as the ICRm.

Comfortable travel

The ICRm is fitted with comfortable seats with folding tables in the coach seats and side tables in the vis-a-vis seats. The 1st class area can be recognised by its red colour scheme and the additional facilities, such as more spacious seats, foot rests, storage pouches and additional leg room. The 2nd class area can be recognised by its yellow colour scheme.

Quiet zones

You can find quiet zones distributed around the train. 30% of all seats on the train are located in quiet zones. These zones are marked with window decorations and functional markings on the exterior and interior of the train. There are so-called 'coupés' in the ICRm, with space for 6 people.


The art on the end walls in the modernised ICRm is by Pieter Warffenius.