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Intercity VIRM

The Verlengd InterRegio Materieel is an Intercity double decker and there are 4 series. VIRM-I, II and III are the first series, and VIRM-IV is the latest series, which was put into service in 2008. The VIRM's forerunner, the IRM-I, was introduced in 1995/1996.


The VIRM intercity’s have been in service since 2003. They are fitted with comfortable seating. The 1st class area can be recognised by its blue colour scheme, more spacious, adjustable seats, a foot rest and more leg room. The 2nd class area has a purple colour scheme. In all VIRM trains, travel information is announced over the PA system. Some VIRM trains are also fitted with display screens showing travel information and have wireless internet. In the near future, these features will be available in all VIRM trains. The quiet zones are distributed over the upper level of the train. 30% of all seats in 2nd and 1st class are located in quiet zones.


The art on the end walls and the seating upholstery on the VIRM-I, II and III is by Marijke de Goeij.


The VIRM-IV is the newest series and has been in service since 2008-2009. The most significant differences with the earlier VIRM series are the wider steps and the absence of lift shafts in the compartments and in the space between the carriages. The seats in the 1st class area are upholstered with red leather and in 2nd class, blue fabric has been used. There are also plug sockets in 1st class. In the near future, all VIRM's will be fitted with display screens with travel information and wireless internet.


The screen prints on the glass doors in the VIRM-IV are by Bert-Jan Pot.