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Sprinter SGM

The Stads Gewestelijk Materieel (SGM) is a fast, transparent and uncluttered Sprinter. Since the modernisation, the train is better known as the SGMm.

Stads Gewestelijk Materieel (SGM)

The Stads Gewestelijk Materieel (SGM) was designed by Talbot in the late 70's. From 2003 to 2006 and from 2008 to 2009, the SGM was fully restored in Denmark. As part of this restoration, the inside of the trains were completely stripped and they were fitted with new interiors. The exterior was given the typical “sprinter look”.

Transparency and space

The SGMm is largely transparent and has modern seating, large areas between the seating compartments with folding seats and on-board travel information (visual and audio). Toilets are only present in the three carriage SGM. The 1st class seats are red and the 2nd class seats are blue.


The art in the SGMm is by Jelis Dolderen and is present in the form of screen prints on the glass walls.