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Sprinter SLT

The SLT (Sprinter Light Train) is the newest type of Sprinter used by NS, and has been in service since February 2009. The SLT is an electric train, coloured white and blue with yellow details, and is easy to board and disembark from.

Fast, transparent and uncluttered

The Sprinter was designed to transport passengers comfortably over short distances with a relatively large number of stops. Boarding and disembarking is easy thanks to the many wide doors, ground-level entry, spacious carriages and uncluttered interior. Sprinters are designed for metro-like travel for passengers with an average short journey time.

Sprinters are characterised by unimpeded vision through the entire train. Glass walls are used to separate the different passenger compartments, and this ensures that the train is transparent from front to rear. One big advantage of this transparency is that the passenger can quickly see where there is space on the train.

Boarding and disembarking

In order to allow passengers to board and disembark faster, this Sprinter has more doors than the older regional trains: There is a door every 11 meters. For comparison: the train's predecessor MAT '64, the well-known regional train with a snub nose, had a door every 13 meters. The SLT also features wider doors.

All Sprinters have large, multifunctional areas between the seating areas in the carriage, used for luggage, strollers and bicycles, among other things. That is more than most passengers are accustomed to, and encourages movement through the train. The train is fitted with a ground-level entry that is level with the platform. This makes Sprinters more easily accessible. In addition, this increases the speed of boarding and disembarking


Sprinters are fitted with functional seating with firm seats and good back support. The seats in 2nd class are blue and the seats in 1st class are red. For the sake of travel convenience, the carriages are fitted with display screens showing travel information and facts, such as the current speed of the train and the outdoor temperature.

On Sprinters, the 1st class carriages are located at the front and rear of the train, so that passengers are less likely to walk through the carriage and those seated have more privacy. There is also more leg room and ambient lighting.


The art in the SLT was made by Hans Wap and can be seen in the seat upholstery and the screen prints on the glass walls.

Award winning

The design of the exterior of the SLT has won a Good Design Award; a prestigious prize that is awarded annually by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. The Sprinter was given this prize for its combination of design and functionality. In particular, the choice of colour scheme was praised for giving the train a light and swift appearance.