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The new Intercity

The new Intercity is a completely overhauled and modernised version of the double decker regional trains (DD-AR). The train has a layout that meets modern requirements and is also more than 4 times as fuel efficient for each passenger kilometre than a car.

Multiple zones

Comfortable seating

The carriages in this Intercity were purchased in the 90's. In addition to comfortable seats, this train is also fitted with couches. Passengers can view up to date travel information on screens, and there is wireless internet. In the 1st class area the seats are adjustable and fitted with footrests, storage pouches, reading lights and plug sockets. The upper part of the train is equipped to ensure a tranquil journey. Here, passengers can read, work, sleep or talk quietly. Distributed across the upper level of the train there are quiet zones in which it is truly quiet.

Upstairs: rest and work

The upper level of the new Intercity is furnished to cater to passengers who want to read, work, sleep or talk quietly. For this reason, all the seats are lined up one behind the other, rather than facing each other. There are also quiet zones distributed across the upper levels of the carriages. Here it is really quiet, so no talking either.

Downstairs: meeting up

The lower level of the new Intercity is intended as a meeting place. The atmosphere is open and more of the seats are situated facing one another. There are also couches where groups can sit together. On this level people are allowed to talk, use their telephones and meet up. The energy-efficient LED lights, with a lifespan of 8 years or 50,000 lighting hours, provide suitable lighting that can be dimmed during the day.


Free wifi and plug sockets

The new Intercity has free wireless internet (wifi). In 1st class, there are plug sockets to charge your laptop or smartphone.

Comfortable seating

Passengers were involved in designing the seating so that it could be made as comfortable as possible. The seats in 2nd class are blue and those in 1st class are red.

Travel information

Screens showing up to date travel information are fitted at the end of each carriage.

Energy efficient

It is the most efficient double decker on the railways; nearly 4 times more efficient per passenger kilometre than the car and 9% more efficient than the old DD-AR. Half of the efficiency gains can be attributed to the climate control system.

Assembly plant

Efficient and economical production; that is the lean manufacturing philosophy practised by NedTrain in a nutshell. This philosophy is clearly on display at the modern assembly plant in Haarlem. Here, mechanics are converting 50 regional double decker trains built in 1985 into the newest Intercity double decker trains with Zones. A large part of the material removed during conversion will be recycled.

Air conditioning

The updated climate control system in the new Intercity cuts heating costs in half. That adds up to nearly 10 million kWh and thus € 1,000,000 per year. The trick is a heat pump. If the train needs cooling, it transports heat from the inside to the outside, and vice versa.


A tried and tested piece of aerodynamics has been incorporated into the windscreen. The curved design made from one piece, without side windows, reduces drag and therefore saves energy.


The vacuum toilet system is connected to a bioreactor. As a result, nothing is released onto the track. The sensors on the hand dryers and water taps ensure that no energy or water is wasted. All trains have a toilet that is wheelchair accessible.

Side windows

The glass in the windows on the side walls has a high insulation value: energy efficient and comfortable for the passengers.


The art in the new Intercity is by the artist Onno Poiesz and is called 'Undesirable objects'. For example, the ashtray. Due to changes in society, ashtrays have disappeared from trains. Objects like this will be making a comeback to the train, but with a new purpose. As door handles, for example. A range of 'discarded' objects will be returning to the train in a playful manner. For more information go to