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For large companies

The NS-Business Card is a single card for public transportation, GreenWheels, OV-fiets and much more. NS Zakelijk is your mobility partner for simple, sustainable low-cost business travel. NS Zakelijk can advise you on mobility issues and offers custom-tailored solutions with the NS-Business Card.

Need advice? We would be happy to inform you of the possibilities.

NS is your mobility partner for business travel.

Cost savings

Traveling by train can save your company up to 30% on its mobility costs. NS Zakelijk offers the ideal solution for your mobility needs: NS-Business Card. With the NS-Business Card and a supplemental season ticket, you can also cut down on your administrative workload while making it easier to manage your budget. Read more about how to cut your costs.


The NS-Business Card offers convenience. Your employees can choose which mode of transport they prefer. On one day, they can travel by public transportation (train, bus, tram, metro), and on another they can take advantage of supplemental door-to-door services. And you receive a single easy-to-read monthly invoice, without having to process individual travel declarations.

Use your commute to get work done

Your employees can use their train commute to get work done on the way to or from the office. NS trains are equipped with free WiFi, and most 1st class wagons feature power outlets to charge laptops and smartphones. All of this makes the train the most productive - and comfortable - way to increase your billable hours.

Sustainable commute

Transport is responsible for a significant portion of a company's environmental burden. Did you know that per passenger, the train produces 75% less CO2 emissions than a car? So if your employees choose to travel by train more often, you can easily reduce your company's CO2 emissions.

Benefits of the NS-Business Card

For the employer For the empoyee
Cost savings through low travel costs and simplified administration Convenience, 1 card for all public transportation in the Netherlands, without individual travel declarations
Train travel contributes to sustainable operations Use your commute to get work done
Attractive employer through better secondary benefits Choose from a variety of modes of transportation

Ordering in Mijn NS Zakelijk

NS-Business Cards and supplementary season tickets are ordered by either the NS contact person at your company or by the card holder. This depends on earlier agreements.

The convenience of a single card

Business travel is easy with the NS-Business Card, and it works much more efficiently: traveling on account from door to door with a single card.