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For small- and medium-sized businesses

With the NS-Business Card, your employees can easily travel on a wide variety of modes of transportation, and you can maintain full insight into the costs.

The NS-Business Card is a single card that allows all of your employees to travel by public transportation, Greenwheels, OV-fiets and much more. The NS-Business Card is ideal for business travel. Whether you travel a lot or only occasionally, everyone can choose how they prefer to travel from day to day. And you don't have to waste time on complex administration. You receive a single easy-to-read monthly invoice that shows you every journey and the costs involved.

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NS-Business Card

Business travel with the NS-Business Card is ideal for everyone

Benefits for small- and medium-sized companies

  • No initial costs, no subscription costs
  • Pay at the end of the month with a single easy-to-read invoice
  • No individual travel declarations, and simple VAT refunds
  • Insight into your employees' travels at any time via Mijn NS Zakelijk
  • Discover the convenience of the NS-Business Card

    All of your employees and colleagues' travel needs arranged with a single card. With the NS-Business Card, you can travel from door to door. One colleague may travel by train and OV-fiets, while another may choose to take a Greenwheels car, a bus or a tram. And you don't have to worry about it.

    The NS-Business Card also offers convenience to you as an employer. Each month, you receive a single invoice with an overview of the travel costs for each employee. So you don't need to process individual travel declarations, and it is easier to request VAT refunds from the tax office. That makes your administration a lot more simple at a single stroke, which saves you on administration costs.

​The NS-Business Card, for flexible travel

If you and your colleagues only travel occasionally, then you may only need the free NS-Business Card, with which you only pay for the times that you use the card. But if you travel more frequently, it may save money to expand the NS-Business Card with one of the supplemental season tickets: Dal, Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij of OV Vrij. You can choose to download a different season ticket to each individual NS-Business Card, and you can change or cancel your season tickets at any time.


Convenient travel from door to door with the NS-Business Card

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