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Lost or stolen

Unfortunately, it is always possible that you can lose items such as your OV-chipkaart, NS-Business Card, luggage or proof of identity. In such a case, it is vital that you take action as quickly as possible. We are here to help you in such situations.

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Lost or stolen OV-chipkaart with a season ticket

If your OV-chipkaart with a season ticket is lost or stolen then it is important that you take action. Block your OV-chipkaart and apply for a new one. You can travel using a Temporary Ticket while you wait.

Lost or stolen OV-chipkaart without a season ticket

If your personal OV-chipkaart is lost or stolen, then you should have it blocked. Apply for a new personal or anonymous card afterward.

Refunds for loss or theft

If your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card with a season ticket is lost or stolen, then you can request a replacement card. If you need your season ticket, but your replacement card has not yet arrived, you can request temporary travel via Mijn NS or NS Customer Service. Temporary tickets are not available with the NS-Business Card, as you can declare all of your travel costs.

Temporary ticket and declaration

If you are waiting for a personal OV-chipkaart with a season ticket, then you can travel for up to 3 weeks with a temporary ticket. Depending on your season ticket, you may also be eligible to request a refund for the costs of the temporary travel.

Has your NS-Business Card been stolen or lost?

Lost and found items

Have you lost something on the train or at the station? We would be happy to help you find your property. Read about what we do with lost property and what steps you can take yourself below.