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Transferring from OV-Jaarabonnement to OV Vrij

OV Vrij is a new season ticket from NS that will replace the OV-Jaarabonnement (also known as the ‘OV-Jaarkaart’). Continue reading if you would like to know more about transferring from the OV-jaarabonnement to OV Vrij.

What is OV Vrij?

With OV Vrij you get unrestricted travel by train, tram, bus and metro, anywhere in the Netherlands. Enjoy the ultimate freedom to travel with the OV Vrij season ticket: wherever and whenever you wish to travel. Handy for your daily journey to and from your work or your place of study, and for fun trips on the weekend.

OV Vrij  is one season ticket, but it is made up of two products:

  • Altijd Vrij, for unlimited use of the train; and
  • Bus-Tram-Metro (BTM) Vrij, for unlimited use of the bus, tram and metro.

Successor to the OV-Jaarabonnement

OV Vrij is the successor to the OV-Jaarabonnement (also known as the ‘OV-Jaarkaart’). Just like with the OV-Jaarabonnement, OV Vrij provides you with unlimited and convenient travel by train, bus, tram and metro. The most important difference between the OV-Jaarabonnement (viewing ticket) and OV Vrij, is that you must check in and out when using OV Vrij.

  OV-Jaarabonnement OV Vrij
Season ticket Viewing ticket.  Checking in and out with the OV-chipkaart.
Purchase Online or in writing; possible using giro (annual fee).
Turnaround time 5 weeks.
Online or on the telephone*. No longer using giro, but only via iDeal and direct debit.
Turnaround time maximum 1 week.
40% Combined travel discount for max. 3 travelling companions (during off-peak hours) Yes, (since 1 January 2016) between 9.00 and 16.00 and between 18.30 and 6.30. Same as the OV-jaarabonnement: between 9.00 and 16.00 and between 18.30 and 6.30.
Bijabonnementen Only OV-Jaarabonnement was an option, including a cumulative discount per extra Bijabonnement. In addition, the Bijabonnement with the OV-Jaarabonnement was only valid on trains after 9 o'clock in the morning, so not during morning rush hour.  More types of Bijabonnementen available, including OV Vrij (now also valid before 9 o'clock), Dal Vrij with BTM Vrij (comparable to the old OV-Jaarbijabonnement), Altijd Vrij, Dal Vrij and Weekend Vrij. In addition, the right to 3 free Kids Vrij season tickets.  
Discount when paying the entire annual fee at once? Yes, 4% of the annual fee. No.

* You can only order by telephone if you already have a personal OV-chipkaart. Please note: we urgently advise that you order your OV Vrij on a new OV-chipkaart and not on an existing OV-Jaarkaart.

Transfer from OV-Jaarabonnement to OV Vrij

NS makes sure that your OV-Jaarabonnement stops automatically when you extend your season ticket. Because the OV Vrij is a new season ticket, with new conditions, only you can order it. You have to personally agree to these terms and conditions. You can order OV Vrij in our web shop on Please take the application period of one week into account. You will be informed about this in writing in a timely manner. Would you like to transfer to OV Vrij before the end of your current OV-Jaarabonnement contract? Then please telephone NS Customer Service.

Prices OV Vrij 2015

The following prices apply to OV Vrij in 2015:

  Second class First class
OV Vrij per month  € 386.70 € 611.70

For the OV-Jaarabonnement it was possible to pay the entire annual fee in one payment, and thus to earn a 4% discount. Of course, you may still pay for your OV Vrij for the whole year in one payment, but you no longer receive a discount for doing so. Full payment for the entire year costs the same as paying in 12 monthly instalments.


If you have an OV Vrij season ticket, then members of your family receive additional benefits. For example, you can order a discounted second, third or fourth season ticket for them. a Bijabonnement.

You can order a Bijabonnement for a partner or child aged 12 or older, living at your address. You can apply for a free Kids Vrij season ticket for children or grandchildren aged 4 to 11 (maximum 3 season tickets). They do not need to live at your address, but they do have to have their own OV-chipkaart. You can find an extensive overview of all the available Bijabonnementen for OV Vrij, including the prices, in the OV Vrij brochure.

Order OV Vrij

Order via the order page for OV Vrij or order from NS Customer Service, we are always here to help you.

You require a personal OV-chipkaart with a passport photo for OV Vrij. Please note: we urgently advise that you order your OV Vrij on a new OV-chipkaart and not on an existing OV-Jaarkaart. When you order OV Vrij, you will receive a new OV-chipkaart for free, although you must supply a new passport photo. Please take the processing time of one week into account.

Bijabonnement on a new OV-chipkaart

If you would like to order a Bijabonnement on a new OV-chipkaart, then contact NS Customer Service on 030-7515155. They will explain how you can arrange this.