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Bicycle storage at Delft station

You can store your bicycle for free in the bicycle storage area at Delft station. This unsupervised storage area with service on the Stationsplein 2 can accommodate 5,000 bicycles and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delft Bicycle storage

The digital reference system allows you to see where there are free spaces for your bicycle upon entering the storage area. You can have your bicycle repaired or serviced at the Bicycles & Service shop. You can also go there for bicycle components and accessories.

Unsupervised bicycle storage with service

The storage area in Delft is free and under surveillance. The managers ensure the correct storage of all bicycles. They make sure the bicycles are properly placed in the racks, that litter is cleared up, that bicycles that stay in the racks for more than 14 days are removed and that general house rules are obeyed.

Storage of your bicycle or moped in this storage area is at your own risk. Always make sure that you lock your bicycle and that it is secured to the rack with a lock.


At this storage area, you can rent an OV-fiets for the last leg of your journey.