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Bicycle storage station Deventer

On 27 November, the brand-new bicycle storage facility at station Deventer officially opened. The storage offers space for 3,600 bicycles, has an OV-fiets rental desk and a bicycle workshop. The new bicycle storage facility entrance is on the Stationstraat.

Easy and dry bicycle storage

On 27 November, the new unguarded bicycle storage facility with service opened at station Deventer. The storage is open every day from 15 before the first train in the morning until 15 minutes after the last train at night. In 2016, the storage facility will receive a digital system to point out empty spaces. You can store your bicycle for free, at your own risk. OV-fiets bicycles are also available to rent.

The storage facility will have 800 spaces when it opens, but more will be added in phases so that by the end of the year the facility will have space for 3,600 bicycles. You can lead your bicycle down the stairs from the Stationstraat entrance. There is a wide access leading from the station hall to the storage facility.

Temporary bicycle lockers

If you currently use a bicycle locker to store your bicycle, you can continue to use it until 1 December 2015. Starting on Friday, 4 December, the bicycle lockers will be removed from their temporary location. Bicycles that are still in their lockers on 4 December will be moved to the new bicycle storage facility at Stationsplein 2 in Deventer.

The season ticket that you have purchased for your bicycle locker will terminate automatically as of 1 December 2015. You will receive a refund for the prorated amount of your season ticket. This amount will be calculated as follows: 


The remaining period for your current season ticket will be rounded to the nearest month, then divided by 12 x the yearly rate (€ 109). You will get back the € 40 key deposit when you send your key to: 

NS Klantenservice   
Afdeling Opzeggingen Fiets   
Postbus 2572   
3500 GN Utrecht

The refund amount will be automatically deposited to your bank account number within 6 weeks of 1 December. If the bank account number is incorrect, or if you have not received the refund by 1 February 2016, please contact NS Customer Service.


The OV-fiets location will move to Stationsplein 2 on 2 December. You will be able to rent or return an OV-fiets to the temporary location until 12:00 on 2 December, after which you can go to the new bicycle storage facility at Stationsplein 2.

More information

Starting on 27 November 2015, you will be able to go to the attendant of the new bicycle storage facility with any questions about bicycle storage. Or you can contact NS Customer Service at tel. 030-7515155 or via Twitter: @NS_online. We are available to help you any time.