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Bicycle storage station Zwolle

There is a shortage of free bicycle parking around station Zwolle. There is still space available at the guarded self-service bicycle storage facility Zuid on the Koggelaan. Starting on 1 December 2015, the day storage in the guarded facility at station Zwolle will be free for the first 24 hours, and the annual season ticket price has been reduced to € 55.

Easy, secure and dry bicycle storage

Starting on 1 December, you can store your bicycle at station Zwolle for up to 24 hours for free. Your bicycle will be kept safe and dry inside.

The bicycle storage facility Zuid on the Koggelaan is open from the first train in the morning until the last train at night. The facility is monitored by security cameras, and you can contact a customer service employee via the intercom.

The first 24 hours are free, after which you pay only € 0,50 per day with your bank card. If you would like to store your bicycle for a longer period, you can purchase an annual season ticket for € 55, plus a one-time deposit of € 20 for an access pass to the bicycle storage facility for quick and easy access.

Do you already have a season ticket?

Starting on 1 December 2015, the season ticket will cost only € 55 instead of € 105. You will automatically receive a refund for the extra amount within 6 weeks after 1 December 2015.

The refund amount is calculated as follows: the remaining period left on your current season ticket will be rounded off to the month and divided by 12 x € 50 (the old rate of € 105 minus the new rate of € 55).

The remainder will be refunded to your bank account. If this account number is incorrect, or if you have not received the refund by 1 February 2016, please contact NS Customer Service.

More information?

You can contact NS Customer Service at tel. 030-7515155, via e-mail or via Twitter @NS_online. We are always available to help you.