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Bicycle storage Utrecht Smakkelaarsveld

There is a new way to store your bicycle using your OV-chipkaart at Utrecht Smakkelaarsveld, making it even easier to store your bike.

The new storage facility at Utrecht Smakkelaarsveld

Starting from 1 August 2016, you can use your OV-Chipkaart to store your bicycle at the Smakkelaarsveld bicycle storage facility, which makes it even easier to store your bike. The facility also features a bicycle repair shop, where you can go to fix simple flat tyres up to a complete overhaul.

Watch the video to learn how to store your bicycle using your OV-Chipkaart.

Choose how you would like to store your bicycle

Daily storage

To store your bicycle for a full day, or even several days: simply check in using your OV-Chipkaart by holding it against the check-in post, then find a space to store your bicycle. When you collect your bicycle again, check out with the attendant on duty. If you do not yet have an OV-Chipkaart, the storage attendant can give you a free loan pass, which you turn in again when you leave the storage facility with your bicycle. When you check out, you can pay the attendant the storage fee of € 1.25 per 24 hours using your bank card. Note: you cannot pay cash at the storage facility.

Simple billing with Storage on Account

With Storage on account, you are billed at the end of the month, so you don't have to pay with your bank pass every time you collect your bicycle. All of your transactions are listed on your monthly invoice. You can sign up for Storage on Account with your OV-Chipkaart, which makes it even easier to store your bicycle!


  • Store your bicycle quickly, without the need for cash on hand
  • View all of your transactions online
  • Pay at the end of the month via direct debit

If you have an OV-fietsabonnement, NS Business Card or other mobility card, then you do not need to register for Storage on Account and can take advantage of the service immediately. Simply check in and out with the attendant using your OV-Chipkaart. The daily rate (€ 1.25 per 24 hours) will be deducted from your account via direct debit at the end of the month. And all of your transactions will be listed on your monthly invoice.


You can register for a season ticket for the Smakkelaarsveld bicycle storage facility online by paying a one-time subscription fee via direct debit. When you start using your jaarabonnement, simply check in at the card reader post, then check out with the attendant when you collect your bicycle. When you check out, the card reader will recognise that you are a subscription holder. You will then be given a subscription sticker for your bicycle, which you can use to store your bicycle without checking in or out any time during the term of your subscription.


  • One-time registration
  • Store and collect your bicycle quickly and easily
  • One year's unlimited storage for only € 75

Your current subscription will remain valid in this storage facility after 1 August.

If you already have a jaarabonnement, you can continue to use it after 1 August. When it expires, you can sign up for a new jaarabonnement online for only € 75.

If you would like to cancel your jaarabonnement, you can download the refund form below and send it to the address provided along with your jaarabonnement.