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Storing your bicycle at Bilthoven station with an OV-chipkaart

Starting on Wednesday 18 May, we will be introducing the new way of storing your bicycle using the OV-chipkaart in the supervised self-service bicycle storage area at Bilthoven station. From now on, customers who want to store their bicycle for a day, and new season ticket holders, will use their OV-chipkaart to gain entry to this storage area. We are making it even easier to store your bicycle! On 17 May we will make the current access system in the storage area suitable for entry using an OV-chipkaart. This may cause you some inconvenience. What will change for you on 18 May?

Annual season ticket holders

For you as a season ticket holder, nothing will change on 18 May. You will still be able to use your special access card after 18 May until your season ticket expires. When you purchase a new season ticket for the storage area in Bilthoven, you will link this new season ticket to your OV-chipkaart, which you can then use to gain access to the storage area. You no longer need the special access card. You will receive the deposit that you paid for this card when you send the card back to us. 

Would you like to purchase a new season ticket for Bilthoven station? Click here.  (in Dutch)

Day storage

From 18 May 2016, you will be able to use your OV-chipkaart to check in to the bicycle storage area at Bilthoven station. The first 24 hours of storage are free. If you leave your bicycle in storage for longer than 24 hours, you will be charged € 0.50 per day and pay using your debit card or via a monthly invoice (Storage on account).

Register here for a Storage on account season ticket.(in Dutch).

Still have questions?

We are always happy to help. You can contact NS Customer Service on 030-7515155, using the contact form on or on Twitter @NS_online. We are available at any time.