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Bicycle Storage Leeuwarden

As of Tuesday 17 May, it is possible to store your bicycle using your OV-chipkaart. The first 24 hours of storage at Leeuwarden station is still free. This way, we have made it even easier to store your bicycle. If you already have an annual season ticket, then nothing changes.

Choose your method of storage

Day storage

For storing your bicycle for one day or a few days: simply check your bicycle in with the attendant using your OV-chipkaart. When you collect your bicycle, simply check out again with the attendant. The first 24 hours are free from the moment you check in. After that, you will be charged € 0.50  per 24 hours. Still don't have an OV-chipkaart? Then you can pick up a temporary pass from the attendant.

Storage on account

If you have an OV-fiets season ticket or a mobility card, such as the NS-Business Card, then you do not need to register and you can immediately take advantage of Storage on account. Simply check in at the card reader and check out with the attendant, using your OV-chipkaart. After the first 24 hours, you will be charged  €0.50  per 24 hours afterwards via direct debit. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice with all of your transactions.

If you do not have an OV-fiets season ticket, then you can register for free for Storage on account.(in Dutch)


  • Store and collect your bicycle with ease

  • View all of your transactions online

  • Pay by direct debit afterwards

Annual season ticket

You can purchase an annual season ticket form the attendant at the bicycle storage area for € 55. You then receive a season ticket sticker to put on your bicycle, with which you can use unlimited storage fro the rest of the season ticket year without checking in or out.


  • Benefits. Store and pick up your bicycle quickly and easily

  • Unlimited storage for a year for just € 55