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Guarded storage

Guarded bicycle storage facilities always have an attendant on duty during opening hours. You can find guarded bicycle storage facilities at most major stations.

The benefits

  • Your bicycle is guarded for the entire day
  • Extra long opening hours
  • Bicycle repairs and accessories
  • Free storage for first 24 hours is increasingly common
  • Available at most major stations

Availability at your station

Guarded bicycle storage and service

Many major stations feature guarded bicycle storage facilities. An attendant is usually on duty during opening hours.

Guarded bicycle storage facilities are always open from 15 minutes before the first train in the morning until 15 minutes after the last train. Most facilities also have a Fiets & Service shop for bicycle repairs and accessories. In some cases, you may also be able to store your moped or scooter in the facility.


First 24 hours free

More and more storage facilities offer the first 24 hours of storage for free. Click here for an overview of the facilities that offer this service.


You can store your bicycle using a day ticket, a 10-use ticket, a monthly ticket or an annual season ticket. These can be purchased at the storage facility. See the overview for ticket prices.

Storage on account

You can also choose to take advantage of Storage on account, in which the amount you owe is automatically deducted from your account at the end of the month.

Season tickets

Most season tickets for guarded bicycle storage facilities can be purchased from the attendant on duty. Ask the attendant about the options available.

Storage using your OV-chipkaart

An increasing number of bicycle storage facilities allow you to store your bicycle using your OV-chipkaart, including the facilities at Amsterdam Amstel, Arnhem, Leeuwarden, Utrecht Jaarbeursplein and Utrecht Smakkelaarsveld. And new OV-chipkaart storage facilities are being added all the time.

At these facilities, you can pay for storage using Storage on account or your debit card. You can also purchase an annual season ticket for the stations Arnhem, Bilthoven, Breda and Utrecht online.