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Order a season ticket

If you regularly use the bicycle storage facility at your station, then a season ticket might come in handy. You can purchase a season ticket for a bike locker or self-service storage facility online today, and in most cases you can purchase a season ticket for a guarded storage facility from the facility attendant.

If you only use a storage facility occasionally, and you have an OV-chipkaart, then we recommend signing up for Storage on account. Then you can scan your OV-chipkaart at the storage facility, and the amount you owe will be deducted automatically from your account at the end of the month.

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Self-service bicycle storage and Bicycle lockers

Guarded bicycle storage facilities

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If you purchased a season ticket from the attendant at a storage facility, then you can extend it with the help of the attendant. Annual season tickets that were purchased online are automatically extended each year.


You can purchase and pay for your season ticket online using internet banking. Is there something wrong or would you rather pay another way?

Bicycle Storage Customer Service

Questions about payment, refunds, assistance and cancellation.