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Regus work and meeting locations

If you would like to work or hold a meeting while you are on the road or at a different location, with your NS-Business Card you can take advantage of more than 55 Regus locations throughout the Netherlands.

Work or hold a meeting at a Regus location

In addition to the special Regus locations, many stations feature Station2Station locations where Regus offers professional and businesslike work and meeting locations, with all of the necessary services, such as videoconferencing and administrative support. You can experience the convenience of your own office, whenever you like. During your first visit, the receptionist will explain all of the possibilities offered by the Regus facilities.

Benefits of Regus work and meeting locations

  • You always have an office, wherever you are
  • Hold meetings in centralised locations
  • 15% discount for Regus office facilities with your NS-Business Card (flexible work stations, meeting and conference rooms, day offices, video conferencing and business lounges)
  • Free access to the Business Lounge with your NS-Business Card
  • Free WiFi, coffee and tea

Good to know

  • No discounts apply to extra services, such as catering and secretarial support.
  • For more information and locations, see the websites for Regus and Regus | NS Station2Station
  • Payment on location


  • Business lounge - simply walk in, check your mail, read a newspaper or enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for your train or your appointment.
  • Private office - your temporary office where you can work in peace, close to your next appointment.
  • Shared office - the ideal work location if you need the benefits of other people nearby, such as networking or sparring.
  • Meeting space - a flexible meeting room to bring clients, give a presentation or talk with colleagues in other locations. Video conferencing is also available.

Take advantage of a Regus work location

  • You will be welcomed by the receptionist and given temporary access to the Business Lounge upon display of your NS-Business Card
  • Take advantage of the Business Lounge, a private office for the day, a shared office and a meeting space

Authorisation for door-to-door services

In order to utilise NS door-to-door services, you must have your employer's permission. Ask your company's NS contact person about the possibilities. You must also grant permission to share your NS-Business Card information with our door-to-door partners by logging in to Mijn NS Zakelijk.