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2000 new OV-fiets bicycles on the way

As of 15 April 2016, passengers who rent an OV-fiets for the last leg of their journey may encounter a new OV-fiets at various stations. In March, another 2000 extra OV-fiets bicycles are being added! Den Haag Centraal, Zwolle, Groningen, Delft, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Tilburg stations will be getting these new bicycles in order to meet growing demand.

Various improvements

The most important improvements to the new bicycle are:

  • a lightweight aluminium with an integrated headlight
  • an improved adjustable saddle
  • a more spacious baggage rack.

Bicycle test: passengers satisfied with new model

The bicycles were supplied based on the OV-fiets test that was conducted in October with our passengers. Participants in the test thought that the new bicycle was stable, comfortable, easy to steer and easy to pedal. Many testers also thought that the bicycle's design was attractive.

OV-fiets: the convenient rental bicycle

OV-fiets is a convenient rental bicycle that you can use to continue your journey. You can use the OV-fiets to travel from door to door. The OV-fiets is quick and easy to rent, without a deposit or proof of identity. The costs are charged automatically after rental.