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King's Day in Amsterdam

On the third King's Day the entire capital will be orange again! It is going to be a great party for young and old. Of course, you can wander around in the city and visit the markets. Go to the children's market in the Vondelpark for example. In addition, there will be countless small and large events in the city centre, with DJs playing on the street or in pubs.

The large dance events will be taking place outside the city centre. These fantastic events are easily accessible by train and can only be attended by those who have purchased tickets. There is no point in travelling to these dance events on the off chance that you will be able to secure a ticket on the day. Check the information below to see the best way to travel to the various locations. You can find all information about festivities and events in Amsterdam on Amsterdam's King's Day website. You can see the locations of all events on the overview map of King's Day events in Amsterdam.

Good to know

  • Special rules regarding the use of alcohol also apply in Amsterdam on King's Day.
  • Amsterdam RAI station is closed to trains and the metro on King's Day. You can travel to Amsterdam Zuid and then walk to the events in the RAI and the Olympisch Stadion.
  • Amsterdam Science Park station will be closed for the day at the request of the police. You can travel via Amsterdam Amstel station.
  • On 27 April the bus and tram network in Amsterdam will be changed. Go to the GVB website for further information.
  • When taking the tram, metro and bus on King's Day, you will also need a ticket.

We expect a large number of visitors in Amsterdam on King's Day. For this reason, expect larger crowds on the train and at the station.


Come by train

The map that you can download at the bottom of this page shows the best way to travel to Amsterdam on King's Day.

Markets in the city centre

The city centre is within walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal station. You can travel directly to this station from various locations in the country. If you are travelling from Utrecht, you can also disembark at Amsterdam Amstel station and continue your journey on the metro or tram. From Noord-Holland, you can disembark in Amsterdam Sloterdijk and transfer to a bus or tram to the city centre.

Kingsland RAI and Nassau

Station Amsterdam RAI is closed on King's Day. Would you like to travel to the dance events Kingsland RAI (Amsterdam RAI) and Nassau (Olympisch Stadion)? Then the fastest way is to travel via Amsterdam Zuid station. When travelling from Noord-Holland and Haarlem you should travel to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and then transfer to metro line 50 to Amsterdam Zuid. 

You can follow signs from the main entrance of Amsterdam Zuid station to get to both locations on foot.

Vondelpark and Leidseplein

If you want to get to the Vondelpark or the Leidseplein, then the fastest route is via Amsterdam Zuid station. When travelling from Noord-Holland and Haarlem you should travel to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and then transfer to metro line 50 to Amsterdam Zuid.

Both of these locations are within walking distance of Amsterdam Zuid station.

Loveland van Oranje

Amsterdam Science Park station is closed on King's Day at the request of the police. To get to Loveland van Oranje, which is being held in the Meerpark, you should travel to Amsterdam Amstel station. From this station you can follow the designated route to the event on foot. Special shuttle buses will also be running. You will need to buy a ticket for these shuttle buses from the Loveland van Oranje website .

Vollt/Lockdown and other dance events in Amsterdam Noord

If you wish to get to Amsterdam Noord, then you should travel to Amsterdam Centraal station.

Kingsday presents Bakermat

This event is close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. If you are travelling from Utrecht, Almere or Weesp, then you should travel via Amsterdam Centraal station. There will be signs indicating the route from the station's main entrance (Orlyplaza) .

Return journey from Amsterdam Centraal

Departure information for all trains will be shown on large screens outside the station. Here you can see where your train departs from and which entrance you should use.