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Royal visit to Zwolle

The Royal family will be visiting Hanzestad Zwolle on 27 April 2016. After Dordrecht, Zwolle is the second King's Day in the 'new style'. Zwolle will be staging an intimate and modern King's Day, with a focus on sport and music. The Royal couple will be visiting the historical city centre, and not for the first time. The first known Royal visit was that of Governor Willem V, Prince of Orange, in 1766. The last visit was in 2015, when King Willem-Alexander opened Wehkamp's Logistiek Servicecentrum.

Come by train

The city centre, where a large portion of the programme will take place, is 10-15 minutes walk from Zwolle station. 

Kingdance Zwolle

This dance event will be taking place at the ‘Grote Voort’ events terrain and is 25 minutes walk from the station.

Heading home on the train?

Make sure that you leave the events terrain early enough to catch the last train or connection. Check your return journey in advance.