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Children's Book Exchange

On the last date of the Children's Book Week, NS is organising the National Children's Book Exchange. As with last year's event, children can come to the exchange to trade a book they have already read for another book. This year's event will take place at three stations: Amsterdam Centraal, Arnhem and Breda.

National Children's Book Exchange

Anyone who has children is familiar with the situation: the bookcase is full of wonderful books, but children will eventually 'outgrow' certain books, either because they are too old or because they have already been read three times, and it's not as exciting to read it yet again. These books often sit idle in the bookcase, because nobody picks them up anymore. So perhaps you can make another child happy with them? That is why we host the National Children's Book Exchange on the last Sunday of the Children's Book Week. Children can bring their books to trade for another title, which could be a book offered by another child or one of the wonderful titles we have provided.

Three stations

The National Children's Book Exchange will be held on Sunday, 16 October 2016. Between 10:00 and 16:00, children can come to Amsterdam Centraal Station, Arnhem Station or Breda Station to browse through the shelves in the station hall and enjoy a reading in a mini-train wagon by a children's book author or a conductor. In September 2016, we will post more information about who will be reading and how the exchange works.