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Altijd Vrij

Benefits of this season ticket

  • Unlimited travel during peak hours
  • Unlimited travel during off-peak hours
  • Unlimited travel on weekends
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions
  • Free personal OV-chipkaart

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Unlimited travel whenever you want

Wherever and whenever you want: you get unlimited travel all day, every day of the year, both with NS and with other Dutch rail carriers.

The benefits

  • Unlimited travel at all times
  • 40% discount for up to 3 travel companions
  • You also get unlimited travel on all Dutch routes used by Intercity Berlijn and ICE International.
  • Also available as OV Vrij, including bus, tram en metro.

Benefits of an NS season ticket

  • Free copy of Spoor magazine 5x per year  with interesting offers.
  • Exclusive offers  for season ticket holders.
  • Manage your season ticket with a single, convenient overview in Mijn NS.  Find your journeys in your travel history, and request refunds for delays or when you forget to check out.
  • 25% discount on international travel with RailPlus, for an extra € 15 per year.
  • Discounts on GreenWheels car sharing and Q-Park P+R parking facilities.
  • Free Kids Vrij. Children may accompany you for free (ordered separately).

For whom?

You travel on a variety of routes during rush hour.

  • Do you travel on a fixed route, for example when commuting, and does a one-way journey take more than 45 minutes? Then Altijd Vrij will probably be cheaper for you than Traject Vrij.
  • Are you able to travel during off-peak hours? With Dal Vrij you get unlimited travel during off-peak hours and on weekends. This can help you to save money on your travel expenses.

Get more out of your season ticket

NS Services

Several supplements are available with season tickets, offering you even more NS services. Store your bicycle on account, without separate season ticket expenses; rent an OV-fiets bicycle at more than 300 locations in the Netherlands; or travel without a supplement on the Intercity Direct between Rotterdam Centraal and Schiphol.

Unlimited travel by bus, tram and metro (OV Vrij)

Exclusive to Altijd Vrij: unlimited travel by bus, tram and metro for an extra € 54.90 per month only.

Good to know

  • Delivery time

    You will receive your new personal OV-chipkaart for free with an annual season ticket. For a monthly season ticket, you will be charged a €7.50 for a new OV-chipkaart.

    Your new OV-chipkaart (with your season ticket) will be delivered to your home within one week.

    Season ticket within one day with an existing OV-chipkaart

    If you already have your own personal OV-chipkaart (with photograph), then enter the OV-chipkaart number when ordering your season ticket. You can then download your season ticket within one working day from an NS Ticket Machine. That way, you can travel with a discount right away!

  • Season ticket term

    You may choose from an annual season ticket or a season ticket that automatically expires after one month. An annual season ticket will save you more money in the long run.

    Annual season ticket

    After the first year, you can cancel your season ticket at the end of each month. We will then refund any amount you have remaining on your account. 

    You also have the option of switching to a more expensive season ticket during the first year. 

  • Payment

    You pay for your season ticket on a monthly basis. You can pay the season ticket costs for the first month quickly and securely via your own bank using iDeal. Your first payment completes the order process and confirms your banking details. The remaining season ticket costs will automatically be debited from your bank account each month.

    If you would rather pay your season ticket costs with one lump sum, then you can pay the entire amount via iDeal.

    No iDeal

    If you do not have iDeal, but you do have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can order a season ticket by telephone. NS Customer Service is available 24 hours per day. 

  • Conditions

    Download the season ticket product conditions.

More information

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Altijd Voordeel

  • 40% discount on weekends
  • 40% discount during off-peak hours
  • 20% discount during peak hours

Dal Vrij

  • Unlimited travel on weekends
  • Unlimited travel during off-peak hours

Traject Vrij

  • Onbeperkt reizen op een vast traject
  • 40% korting op andere trajecten

More information

  • OV Vrij: unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro

    With OV Vrij, you can enjoy unlimited travel by train, bus, tram or metro for a fixed amount per month. OV Vrij is valid on all Dutch public transport carriers. The OV Vrij season ticket costs € 387.90 per month, and includes € 333 (for your Altijd Vrij season ticket) + € 54.90 (for bus, tram and metro).

    Order OV Vrij – you do not have an Altijd Vrij season ticket

    You may only order OV Vrij if you also have an Altijd Vrij season ticket. It is possible to order both season tickets at once. When you order the OV Vrij package, you will not see OV Vrij; the screen will show Áltijd Vrij, and bus, tram and metro service will be indicated by a check next to the option 'BTM Vrij'.

    Order OV Vrij

    Order OV vrij – you already have an Altijd Vrij season ticket

    For only € 54.90 per month, you can order  BTM Vrij as an extra option for your current season ticket. To do so, login to Mijn NS, go to 'Products' and select 'Change or expand' under Altijd Vrij. You can then request BTM Vrij under 'Extra Options'.

    Download the product conditions for BTM Vrij (in Dutch)

  • Extra season tickets

    For some season tickets, it is possible to order one or more extra season tickets. These are called 'additional season tickets'. 

    What are additional season tickets?

    You can order an additional season ticket for an adult or child living at the same address. These additional season tickets are not available separately, but must always be linked to an NS season ticket. They are renewed automatically, but can be cancelled with one month's notice after the first year.

    Which additional season tickets are available?

    • Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel. 3 x free Kids Vrij season ticket.
    • Weekend Vrij. 3 x free Kids Vrij season ticket. And an extra Weekend Vrij season ticket for up to 1 other family member.
    • Dal Vrij. 3 x free Kids Vrij season ticket. And an extra Weekend Vrij or Dal Vrij season ticket for up to 1 other family member.
    • Altijd Vrij or OV Vrij. 3 x free Kids Vrij season ticket. And an extra Altijd Vrij, Dal Vrij or Weekend Vrij season ticket for up to 4 other family members. Or a maximum of 3 free Kids Vrij season tickets for the 4 additional season tickets.

    How to order

    If you already have an OV-chipkaart or a season ticket, then you can order an additional season ticket via Mijn NS. If your family member or child does not have an OV-chipkaart, or if the OV-chipkaart will expire within 8 weeks, then you can order a new card along with the season ticket at no extra charge.

    Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail telling you how to download the season ticket at an NS ticket machine or other OV-chipkaart top-up point.

    Your additional season ticket will always start on the same day of the month that your main season ticket begins. We will need to receive your application no later than 2 weeks prior to this date.