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Reporting overcrowding on the train

Are you travelling in an overcrowded train? Then please report this via the Travel planner Xtra so that we can improve our services.

Reporting overcrowding using the Travel planner Xtra app

You can report overcrowding on the train using the Reisplanner Xtra app. Reports of crowded trains that we receive are analysed. This information helps us to make forecasts and to keep our overcrowding indicator up to date and reliable. We then use this data to improve our services. We investigate reported trains, and take actions such as lengthening the trains on specific routes.

Crowd indicator

The overcrowding indicator in our Travel planner shows you the level of overcrowding to expect on a specific train. This is represented using 1, 2 or 3 figures. A red exclamation point next to the figures indicates that the train is shorter than originally planned, so it may be more crowded than usual. That way, you can see if an earlier or later train may be less crowded, so that you can have a comfortable journey.

How does the crowd reporter work?

Step 1: Plan the journey that you are currently making or have already made. You can report overcrowding afterwards.

Step 2: Select the area for which you wish to report overcrowding.

Step 3: Click on the three dots on the top right. The crowd reporting screen will then open. Here you can use a smiley to indicate how you felt about the overcrowding, indicate whether you were seated or standing and whether you were travelling in 1st or 2nd class.

Step 4: Click on send to report the overcrowding.

What happens to my reports?

Your crowd reports are very important to us. Greater numbers of serious reports allow us to get a better impression of train occupancy and whether the overcrowding was caused by an incident or a structural problem. We take action based on this information and keep you informed of our progress.

Daily list of reports

Have you made a report about overcrowding on the train, and would you like to know whether more people have done the same? You can find out here for 24 hours after submitting your report. You can also see the status of the investigation into your report.

Weekly crowd report analysis

We analyse the reports we receive about crowded trains on a weekly basis. The 10 trains that have received the most reports are listed below.