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Engineering work Den Haag / Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Breda

From 7 January to 22 January, ProRail will be conducting engineering work on the rails in the Willemspoor tunnel in Rotterdam, as well as on the platforms at stations Rotterdam Blaak and Rotterdam Zuid.

Consequences for your journey

You can review the consequences for your journey here:

The information on this page is regularly updated as soon as additional information becomes available.

Schedule 2017

From 23 January 2017, passengers on the route Den Haag / Rotterdam - Breda - Eindhoven will have to make an additional transfer at Breda station. During the course of 2017, NS will run trains on the high speed railway line directly between Den Haag and Eindhoven. This will reduce passengers' journey times by 11 minutes.

More information

Valid ticket

If you wish to use the NS bus, you will require a valid NS ticket. When using an OV-chipkaart you travel with the rail replacement bus service in the same way as you travel by train. You check in at the start of your journey, including when your journey starts with a bus service. You check out with your OV-chipkaart at your destination. 

Please note: will you be using a replacement bus service provided by RET? Then you will require a valid RET ticket. If you are travelling to or from Rotterdam Blaak using alternate transportation provided by the RET, then NS will compensate you for the extra costs from the nearest NS station to Rotterdam Blaak and vice-versa. Please contact the NS Customer Service for more information.

Where do NS buses depart from?

  • Rotterdam Alexander: Prins Alexanderlaan
  • Schiedam Centrum: Parallelweg (behind the station)
  • Zwijndrecht: W. Parallelweg

Plan your journey

In the NS Travel Planner, you can see how engineering work will affect your journey from 10 days prior to the departure date. Check again shortly before traveling for the most up to date travel advice.

Background information

Would you like more information about ProRail's engineering work? Go to