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New station Breda

Since 2012, NS has been working on a completely new station Breda, which will combine several traffic flows and functions into a single, modern new station.

The connection to the international high-speed rail line will result in even more passengers passing through station Breda, so in the spring of 2012 we began construction on a larger and more transparent station where travel, housing, work and shopping all go hand in hand. The station will be a unique place where people can live, work, shop and travel under a single roof. The various modes of public transportation will all be represented. In order to deal with the shortage of parking around the station, cars will be able to reach the parking facility on the roof via a road through the station hall. The new station Breda is part of the Via Breda project: the development of the railway area in the centre of the city. The new station will be completed in 2016.