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New Den Haag Centraal

Station Den Haag Centraal currently receives more than 150,000 passengers and 40,000 visitors each day, and that number is expected to grow in the future. So the station will have to be completely renovated.

Over the next few years, Den Haag Centraal will receive a completely new station building where all modes of public transportation come together. The new station is an open and transparent building, thanks to a roof of glass and steel. This will make it easy to see the trains, trams and buses from the station hall. The glass roof will give the station an open and organised feel during the day, and it will be pleasantly lit at night. NS Stations is also renovating the shops and facilities at the station in the Stichthage office building, adjacent to the new station hall, as well as the office spaces on the first and second floors of the building.


The renovation of Den Haag Centraal has reached the last phases of construction. In April, ProRail began construction of the last sections of the stone floor under the tram platform. Preparations are also underway for the installation of the OV-chipkaart gates, and ProRail is applying the definitive signage, guide lines and cameras. Once this is complete, NS Stations will begin installing the separate retail units in the station hall. Meanwhile, NS Stations is currently completing the underground bicycle storage facility. As soon as the stone floor is complete, most of the sources of inconvenience to travelers will be eliminated. By early 2016, travelers, visitors and nearby residents will be able to use a station that is finally complete: spacious, well-lit and comfortable.