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Future plans for NS stations

Over the next few years, NS and its partners will be working on improving and renewing a number of stations in the Netherlands. The plans include converting Groningen station from a terminal station into one that serves passing trains, and Assen will be rebuilt to improve the connection between the station and the city. The plans for Ede-Wageningen will address the entire area around the railway.


The number of passengers at Groningen station is projected to grow from 33,000 to 44,000 by 2030. The parties involved aim to make traveling by train even more attractive by adding faster connections, more comfortable trains and an inviting station. A number of engineering works are being conducted as part of the Spoorzone Groningen project. The main renovations will take place at Groningen station, which will be converted from a 'terminal' station into one that allows trains to pass through. In the new situation, Groningen will offer four platforms with seven tracks. As the tracks will separate the platforms, a tunnel for passengers will be built to provide access under the tracks. This tunnel will be located immediately behind the monumental station building, which will restore the building's original function as the entrance to the station, and will make it a more pleasant place for travelers to gather. The plans will also take advantage of the renovation of the station to optimise the shops and facilities for travelers. 

In order to improve the access to the station, a bus tunnel will be built under the tracks, and the option of building a bicycle tunnel with a connection to the balcony on the city side is under consideration. The renovations will begin in 2016 and are projected to continue until 2020.


The station in Assen and the area around the station are due for a facelift. The accessibility to the station area will be improved, and the station itself will be made more attractive and accessible. The new station and the renovated station plaza will help connect the residential neighbourhood Assen Oost to the station area. The plans will also make it easier to reach the station by bus or bicycle. A large, pleasant plaza at the station will lead pedestrians to the city centre.  Through traffic will be directed through a tunnel under the plaza, separating through traffic from local traffic. This will also make it easier to reach the beautiful Erfgoed quarter with the Brink and the green city moats, as well as the shops and cafes in the city centre. A tunnel with lifts at the east and west ends will connect the platforms, improving the connection between Assen Oost and the city centre. The engineering works will begin in late 2015.


The renovations around the station are part of the major FlorijnAs development programme. The main goal of the municipal programme is to improve access in and around Assen. To stay economically healthy, it is important for a city to focus on accessibility. The plans also include new housing construction, nature development and the renovation of older parts of the city.


The new station Ede-Wageningen will be a high-quality, well-organised station that offers entirely new services for the traveler, with optimal accessibility, better facilities and improvements to the station itself and the surrounding area. Tunnels, viaducts, parking facilities for bicycles and cars; attention has been paid to everything under the 'Spoorzone Ede' project. The plan not only deals with the development of the facilities, but also how people experience the area around the station. For example, new rails and quieter trains will help reduce noise pollution, and the plan specifically pays attention to safety and security issues. The project is a collaborative effort by several major parties.

NS, The City of Ede and ProRail have joined forces in the Spoorzone Ede project, which was made possible in part by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Province of Gelderland.