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New station Utrecht Centraal

Utrecht is the largest transport junction in the Netherlands and an important transfer and departure station. The station was originally built to handle 35 million passengers per year, but at the moment approximately 88 million people use the station annually. This number is expected to increase to 100 million travelers per year in 2030. Starting in 2016, Utrecht Centraal will be the place where the train, bus and tram all seamlessly connect together.

Utrecht Centraal will be a distinctive, individual building with a level featuring sit-down restaurants and a clear entrance on both sides, with a spacious raised plaza at the entrance. In the new station hall, the traveler will be able to see at a glance where he or she must go to continue their journey. The new station will be covered by a massive undulating roof that allows for plenty of natural light inside. Outside the new station hall, a 300-meter promenade with retail spaces is elevated the tracks to connect Stationsplein West with Stationsplein Oost. The renovation of the station will be completed in 2016.