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Traveling with a functional disability

NS offers services and facilities aboard the trains and at the stations to help travelers who have trouble walking or a visual disability. These include the OV-chip Plus season ticket and the OV-Begeleiderskaart, the lift at the station, and transport services to and from the station. Our travel assistant would be happy to help you during your journey. You can reserve any of these services in advance.

View the facilities at your station

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Preparing for your journey

If you are traveling with a functional disability, then extra support can come in handy. Request assistance online.

Extra facilities on the train and at the station

If you are traveling with a functional disability, it is handy to know which facilities are available in the trains and at the station.

Taking your wheelchair, mobility scooter or special bicycle on the train

Making it easier to go to and from the station

Are you unable to get to the station independently? The shared taxi, Valys and special taxi service can help you.

Assistance while travelling

Are you travelling with a disability and in need of assistance? Then use NS Travel Assistance for free.


With an OV-Begeleiderskaart, one companion can travel with you in the train, metro, tram or bus for free.

OV-chip Plus season ticket

There are two alternative travel options for visually impaired passengers: OV-chip Plus and the NS-Business Card.