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Extra facilities on the train and at the station

If you are traveling with a functional disability, it is handy to know which facilities are available in the trains and at the station.

Are you traveling with a wheelchair, scootmobile, special bicycle or guide dog?

Guide dogs or dogs provided by a guide dog organisation recognised in Europe (affiliated with and accredited by the ADEu), can accompany you for free, so you do not need to buy a day ticket for the dog. Special weight and dimensions conditions apply for wheelchairs, scootmobiles and special bicycles.

Special entrance for wheelchairs and scootmobiles

Many Intercity trains are equipped with extra-wide spaces for wheelchairs or scootmobiles. You can recognise the entrances by the International Symbol of Access (ISA). Most Intercity trains are also equipped with a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Station facilities for disabled travelers

  • Lifts, ramps and tactile guidance lines to ticket machines and check-in poles or gates. For many stations, detailed directions are also available to print or download as an MP3 file.
  • Braille pictogram on all gates and poles to check in and out using the OV-chipkaart.
  • Extra-wide gates for wheelchairs or scootmobiles.
  • Mobile ramps at more than 100 stations to make it easier for wheelchairs to get on and off the trains. Only trained staff are authorised to operate these ramps.
  • Service and alarm pillars at smaller stations without service employees where you can ask for information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These pillars are also equipped with Braille instructions.