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Making it easier to go to and from the station

Are you unable to get to the station independently? The shared taxi, Valys and special taxi service can help you.

Types of taxi that can transport you to and from the station

Take the NS Zonetaxi

The NS Zonetaxi can take you to and from the station comfortably and quickly. A growing number of stations are offering this service.

Get in the shared taxi

The shared taxi transports you to and from the station quickly and comfortably, and is well coordinated with the train times. More and more stations offer shared taxis. Shared taxi providers operate in their own regions under various names. Conditions and prices are not the same everywhere.

Use the Valys

The Valys is intended for destinations further than 5 OV zones from your home address. You need a Valys-pas to be able to use this service. You can apply for one if you are entitled to WVG transport, a WVG wheelchair, a mobility scooter or disabled parking from your municipality. For more information call 0900 - 9630 (€ 0,05 per minute), from 6.00 's to 1.00 a.m. 's or visit Valys.

Using a special taxi service to go to and from the station

In many places you can make use of Collective Demand Dependent Transport. This is coordinated with your train journey. For information regarding where this transport is available and what the terms and conditions are, please call  0900 - 9292 (€ 0.70 per minute)