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OV-chip Plus season ticket

For people with a visual impairment there are two travel alternatives, namely OV-chip Plus and the NS-Business Card. You can book your train journey over the telephone on 0800 - 7245482 (available 24 hours).

Travelling with OV-chip Plus

What is OV-chip Plus?

OV-chip Plus is a convenient season ticket of the OV-chipkaart for people with a visual impairment. OV-chip Plus is valid on all NS trains and in trains run by Arriva, Breng, Connexxion, Syntus and Veolia. You can also use it if you have an NS season ticket on your OV-chipkaart. You cannot use OV-chip Plus in the bus, tram and metro.

How does OV-chip Plus work?

With OV-chip Plus you book your train journeys over the telephone on 0800 - 7245482. As a result, it is no longer necessary to check in and out with the OV-chipkaart. Booked journeys are then automatically debited on a monthly basis. You can download invoices in Mijn NS.

OV-chip Plus application

To order an OV-chip Plus you need a personal OV-chipkaart that is valid for at least another 8 weeks. Your OV-chipkaart will be replaced from 8 weeks prior to its expiry date, and all products will then be transferred to your new OV-chipkaart. For this reason we recommend that you apply for an OV-chipkaart Plus on a new OV-chipkaart if your current OV-chipkaart will expire in less than 8 weeks. Acquiring OV-chip Plus is free. If you are unable to travel alone, then your companion will need a OV-Begeleiderskaart category B. Fill in the OV-chip Plus Application Form and send it to NS Customer Service OV-chip Plus, Antwoordnummer 685, 3500 VE Utrecht. Do not forget to enclose a copy of your OV-Begeleiderskaart (B). Please allow a processing time of 2 weeks.

Loading OV-chip Plus onto your OV-chipkaart

First we charge a one-time fee of € 0,01 to your account to verify the account number. NS Customer Service then drafts a contract and prepares the OV-Plus season ticket for you. You then receive an email. After that, you need to load the season ticket onto your OV-chipkaart once, using the NS-servicebalie, the NS-kaartautomaat or another OV-chipkaart collection point.

Once the OV-chip Plus season ticket has been loaded onto your card, you will no longer be able to pay for train journeys by checking in and out with your OV-chipkaart. Your OV-chip Plus season ticket is valid until 2029.

Booking a journey with OV-chip Plus

If you have loaded OV-chip Plus onto your card, then you can book your journeys using the free telephone number 0800 - 7245482 (available 24 hours). This telephone number can only be used for booking journeys with OV-chip Plus and for questions regarding OV-chip Plus. You can book a journey up until 5 minutes before departure. Do you have a (NS)-season ticket on your OV-chipkaart? Then the discount you are entitled to is taken into account during calculation of the journey's price. You can also book journeys with Keuzedagen (optional days) via the telephone. Do you use a season ticket with pre-paid rights to travel (OV Vrij, Trajectkaart, Altijd Vrij, Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij)? Then you do not have to book your journey when you travel within the pre-paid times or on the pre-paid routes.

When do you have to book your journey by telephone if you have a season ticket?  
Weekend Vrij When travelling between 4.00 Monday morning and 18.30 Friday evening
Dal Vrij When travelling during rush hour Monday to Friday from 6.30 - 9.00 and 16.00 - 18.30
Altijd Vrij You do not need to book any journeys when travelling with OV-chip Plus; all your journeys have already been paid for.
OV-Jaarkaart You do not need an OV-chip Plus season ticket; your card counts as a valid ticket for all train journeys.
Traject Vrij or Grensabonnement When travelling outside your fixed route.
Studentreisproduct Weekday season ticket When travelling between 4.00 Saturday morning and 4.00 Monday morning (and on public holidays and from 4.00 16 July to 4.00 16 August).
Studentenreisproduct Weekend season ticket When travelling between 4.00 Monday morning and 12.00 Friday afternoon (excluding public holidays).

Discontinuing OV-chip Plus

OV-chip Plus can be discontinued at any point by phoning NS Customer Service using the free number 0800 - 7245482

NS-Business Card for business passengers with a disability

With the NS-Business Card you pay your travel expenses and any season ticket charges using direct debit. The service and the direct debit is carried out by the Serviceloket OV Blinden & Slechtzienden. You will be charged on a monthly basis, approximately 1.5 months after the end of the month in which the journeys were made.

How does the NS-Business Card work?

With the NS-Business Card you are required to check in and out. If this is unsuccessful or if something goes wrong then this will be fixed by the Service Desk OV for the Blind & Visually impaired. You will then be reimbursed for the surplus payment.

Service Desk OV for the Blind & Visually impaired

The Service Desk OV for the Blind & Visually impaired is available on 0800 - 4848400 (free), from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 - 18.00. You can also send an email to

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