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Facilities at the station

Journey information

You can conveniently plan your journey online using the Journey Planner. You can also call Reisinformatie (Journey Information) at 0900 9292 (euro 0.70 per minute; within the Netherlands only).

Journey information at the station

What information is available at the stations and where to find it:

  • Train departure times are shown on the yellow departure charts.
  • Most platforms also have signs showing current departure times.
  • The larger stations have electronic information boards.
  • Listen for announcements. Major changes will first be announced over the PA system.

If you have any questions, our service representatives are available to help you. Service Representatives can be found at the larger stations in the concourse and on the platforms.
At smaller stations, Service Columns and Information Boards are in place to assist you.
Major stations also have special NS Service Desks. The staff at the NS Service Desks will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Store your bicycle

  • All stations are equipped with bicycle stands or racks.
  • About one hundred stations also have guarded bicycle storage facilities.
  • Most storage facilities also offer bicycle repair service, bicycle hire and sale of new or used bicycles.

Storing your bicycle in a bicycle lock-up

At most stations that do not have bicycle storage facilities you can rent a bicycle lock-up.

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Luggage lockers are available at the station. They are easy to use and electronically protected.


  • Een bord met een verwijzing naar de kluisjesSmall locker: euro 3.85 for the first 24 hours.
  • Large locker: euro 5.70 for the first 24 hours.
  • 24 hours to 48 hours: add 50%. You pay the surcharge when you pick up the luggage.
  • 48 hours to 72 hours: add 100%. You pay the surcharge when you pick up the luggage.
  • Surcharge for a lost card: eur 10.00.
  • Surcharge if luggage has been removed: eur 70.00 for service charges, storage and transport.
  • Different locker storage rates apply at the following stations: Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal, The Hague Centraal and Utrecht Centraal.


  • A rental period is 24 hours. When opening your locker in the mean time, you need to pay rent again.
  • Payment must be made in advance for the first 24 hours.
  • You can pay using PIN, CHIP, MAESTRO, VISA and MASTER creditcard.
  • The maximum rental period is 72 hours. After this period, the luggage is removed and sent to the Centraal Bureau Gevonden Voorwerpen (Central Lost Property Office) in Utrecht.


  • Small locker: 90cm deep, 45cm high and 40cm wide.
  • Large locker: 90cm deep, 60cm high and 40cm wide.

At a number of stations that do not have luggage lockers you can store your luggage in a luggage depot or Rijwielshop [bicycle shop] or Fietspoint [bicycle point]. You pay euro 5 per calendar day or partial day.


Customer service at stations

Personal Customer Service at Major Stations

  • NS Service Desks and Customer Service Representatives are available at major stations.
  • NS Service Desks provide travel information and advice.
  • Customer Service Representatives can be found in the concourse and on the platforms and can answer any questions you may have about the station or your rail journey. You will recognize them by their red hats.

Kiosk Convenience Stores at medium-sized stations

  • Located at more than fifty medium-sized stations.
  • Train tickets also sold here
  • Up-to-date journey information on clearly visible teletext screens.

NS service column and NS information board at small stations

At 143 small stations without a staffed ticket window or where the ticket window hours of operation are limited, you will find an NS Service Column and Information Board.

Ticket sales

You can purchase a train ticket quickly and conveniently from an NS self-service ticket machine.

Tickets can also be purchased at NS Service Points which are often located near small stations.

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Shops and restaurants

Food and Refreshments at the station

The larger the station, the more extensive the range of facilities on offer.

A newspaper or bunch of flowers

Major stations house Bruna or AKO bookshops and flower shops.

Kiosk convenience stores

  • Een vrouw leest een krant bij de KioskLocated at more than fifty medium-sized stations.
  • Train tickets also sold here.

GWK Travelex

  • Branches operate at 30 stations.
  • Money withdrawal using credit card, cheque or debit card seven days a week.
  • Advance sales of tickets for major events.
  • Offers full banking facilities.
  • GWK Travelex information line: 0900 0566 (euro 0.25 per minute; within the Netherlands only).


Toilet and elevator


  • All major stations have at least one public toilet that is also accessible for wheelchair users.

Elevator at the station

  • Lift op stationA number of stations have an elevator.


Did you know that?

A lot more goes on at stations than trains arriving and departing.

Storing your bicycle, putting your luggage in a safe place, having something to eat, buying a book or a bunch of flowers: you can do all these things at the station!


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