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To and from the station

By bus, tram, metro or on foot

Bus, tram or metro

  • Almost all stations can be reached by bus, tram or metro.
  • An OV-Jaarabonnement (Public Transport Annual Pass) allows unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro.
  • If you do not have a pass, you require a multi-journey zone ticket.
  • Information about departure and arrival times can be obtained by phoning OV Reisinformatie (Public Transport Journey Information) at 0900-9292 (€ 0.70 per minute; from within the Netherlands only).

Mensen bij busstation

On Foot with the help of printable Maps and directions

  • Using the NS Journey Planner, you can print out a map or directions to help you find your way.
  • Printable maps and directions can be obtained for both your departure point and destination using the NS Journey Planner.
  • The map shows the entire route. If you only want to view part of it, you can select the section you would like using the 'zoom in' button.
  • You can move the map using the blue triangles around the edge.
  • NS Journey Planner


By bicycle or moped

Taking a bicycle or moped to and from the station is quick and easy. You can use your own bicycle, but there are also other options:

OV-Fiets (Public Transport Bicycle)

  • The public transport bicycle can be hired over one hundred locations, mainly at stations.
  • No fuss, no forms, no deposit.
  • On your way with an OV-fiets within seconds.
  • Upon presentation of your Voordeelurenabonnement (Off-Peak Hours Pass), NS-Jaarabonnement (NS Annual Pass), OV-Jaarabonnement (Public Transport Annual Pass), or special OV-Fietspas (Public Transport Bicycle Pass), you can take one or two public transport bicycles from any rental location. It's very simple!

Hiring a bicycle at the station

  • You can hire a bicycle from the bicycle storage facilities at over one hundred stations.
  • At stations that do not have any bicycle storage facilities, NS has agreements with private bicycle hire companies.
  • To hire a bicycle you need a valid identity document.
  • A deposit varying from euro 50 (for the most basic bicycle) to euro 145 (for a tandem) is required.
  • We recommend that you make a reservation by phone if you would like to hire a bicycle.
  • Your bicycle will be held for you until 11.00 am.

Storing your bicycle

  • If you come to the station on your bicycle, you will also want to store it safely.
  • At around 100 of the larger stations you can do this in guarded bicycle storage facilities.
  • Most stations without guarded storage facilities have bicycle lock-ups.

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By car

  • Every station has parking facilities.
  • At some stations parking is free of charge, while at others you are required to pay. Make sure you know whether or not you have to pay to park your car.
  • As an NS customer, you receive a considerable discount on parking rate.

There are three types of parking facilities:

  • Free parking
  • P+R car parks
  • Q-Park car parks

Park and Ride (P+R)

  • There are about ninety P+R car parks throughout the country.
  • Signs on the motorway indicate where the P+R car parks are located.
  • Roughly forty P+R car parks, mainly those at large stations, charge a fee.

Q-Park car parks:

  • geparkeerde autoThese are paid P+R car parks which are operated by a company called Q-Park.
  • NS rail passengers receive a considerable discount at Q-Park P+R car parks near the stations. Perhaps this should read “Upon presentation of a valid parking discount ticket, which can be obtained from an NS Service Desk or ticket machine, NS rail passengers receive a considerable discount at Q-Park P+R car parks near the stations.” The discount may be as high as 50%, depending on the location. Holders of the Voordeelurenabonnement (Off-Peak Hours Pass), receive up to 70% discount at some locations.


Quick and easy transportation to the station for persons with functional disabilities

  • Get to the station quickly and easily with special taxi transport or Valys.
  • Valys: For travel to destinations located more than five public transport zones from your home.
  • In most municipalities, you can use special taxi transport for shorter distances.


Cross-regional transport system for people with reduced mobility.

  • Use of services requires a valid Valys pass.
  • You may apply for a Valys pass if you are entitled to transport under the WVG (Disablement Provisions Act), a wheelchair under the WVG, a mobility scooter/powered wheelchair or a disabled parking permit from the municipality.
  • For more information: call 0900-9630, open daily from 06.00 to 01.00 (euro 0.05 per minute; within the Netherlands only).

Special taxi transport

In many cities, you can use Collectief Vraagafhankelijk Vervoer (Collective Transport on Demand) to get to and from the station. To find out which cities offer this type of transport and for specific terms and conditions, please call 0900-9292 (euro 0.70 per minute; within the Netherlands only).

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By Greenwheels Car

  • Greenwheels offers the convenience of a car without all the cost.
  • Reserved parking spots available at stations and in residential areas.
  • Available in no fewer than 100+ cities around the country.

How much does it cost?

  • Membership subscriptions are available from 5 euro per month. 
  • NS pass holders are offered special discounts
  • NS Business Card holders are entitled to a free Greenwheels membership.  

To contact Greenwheels directly call +31 (0)88 - 2100 100 (euro 0.035 per minute; calling from within the Netherlands).


To and from the station

'I always take the bus to the station. At my destination station I hire a public transport bicycle so that I can conveniently get to my final destination.'


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