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Purchasing tickets

NS self-service ticket machine

  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Your ticket in 3 steps.
  • You can pay with coins or debit card (with Maestro & V Pay logo).
  • At Schiphol Airport  and Amsterdam Centraal you can also pay with credit card (only MasterCard and Visa)

Which tickets can I purchase from the self-service ticket machine?

  • Singles, Day Returns and monthly passes.
  • Train tickets to Belgium, Luxemburg and a selection of destinations in Germany. Select the appropriate button. For more information about international train tickets, see NS Hispeed.

Touchscreen kaartautomaat

Useful information

  • Press the button with the English flag for an English-language instruction.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • You touch the screen lightly. It is not necessary to press hard.
  • Do not lean on the screen as that impedes the operation.
  • The payment methods that a ticket machine accepts are shown by the payment method logos at the bottom of the machine's screen.

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NS Tickets & Service Desk or a Kiosk with Tickets & Service sign

Did you know that?

  • Purchasing a ticket from an NS self-service ticket machine is cheaper than purchasing one from the NS Tickets & Service desk or a Kiosk with Tickets & Service sign.
  • An additional fee of € 0.50 is charged to all tickets sold at NS Tickets & Service desks and Kiosk shops with Tickets & Service sign.
  • At major stations, NS Service representatives are available on the station to assist you with your travel needs.

tickets en service balie op station

About NS Tickets & Service desks

  • Operate at major stations.
  • Offer complete range of tickets and passes except for the Jaartrajectabonnement (Annual Route Pass) and the NS/OV-Jaarabonnement (NS/Public Transport Annual Pass). However, you can obtain an application package for these passes.
  • Provide information about domestic and a number of international destinations. For more information about international train tickets, see NS Hispeed.
  • Provide information about the station and the station facilities.
  • Provide information about NS passes.
  • Information concerning lost or found property should be reported at the NS Tickets & Service desk.
  • Provide answers to all your questions about NS’s services.
  • Sell tickets without seat reservation for Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. For personal sales of international train tickets you pay a fee of € 3.50.
  • Payment for tickets is accepted in coins and with debit card with (Maestro and V Pay logo). At Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Centraal you can also pay with credit card (only MasterCard and Visa)


Did you know that?

  • Self-service ticket machines are the most convenient and fastest way to purchase tickets.
  • Train tickets purchased from a self-service ticket machine are cheaper than those purchased from the counter.
  • For additional information, please contact the NS Service Desk or speak to a member of our staff at the rail stations.
  • It is not possible to purchase tickets on the train.


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