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NS self-service ticket machineConvenient and easy to use


Our ticket machines are easy to operate, it takes just a few short steps to purchase your ticket. It is useful to know that there are two different types of ticket machines. If you have an OV-chipkaart you can use both ticket machines. To buy an individual ticket or an anonymous OV-chipkaart, you need to go to an ticket machine with the blue sign and NS logo across the top. These machines can be found at all NS stations.

Good to know

Methods of payment 
You can pay for your tickets at an NS ticket machine with the following cards:


You can pay with cash (coins) at some ticket machines. For payments with credit card, a pincode or safety code is required. Also, for payments with VISA or Mastercard you pay an addition of € 0,50. All ticket machines accept creditcards.

Which tickets can I purchase from the self-service ticket machine?
•    All transactions for the OV-chipkaart, such as adding credit and collecting ordered tickets
•    You can purchase single-use chipcards (incl. singles and day returns) and anonymous OV-chipkaart from an NS ticket machine with the blue sign and white NS logo across the top
•    Monthly season tickets and supplements
•    Change your ticket class
•    Train tickets to Belgium, Luxembourg and a selection of destinations in Germany. Select the appropriate button. For more information about international train tickets, see NSinternational.nl

Useful information
  • Press the button with the English flag for an English-language instruction.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Touch the screen lightly. It is not necessary to press hard.
  • Do not lean on the screen as that impedes the operation.
  • The payment methods that a ticket machine accepts are shown by the payment method logos at the bottom of the machine's screen.



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