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The e-ticket

What is an e-ticket?

That's easy! You buy your ticket online and simply print it yourself. This allows you to take care of everything whenever and wherever it suits you.

All you have to do is complete the journey details and the passenger's name, pay for the order and download and print the e-ticket. This means that you can board the train straight away!

You can buy four types of e-ticket: Single, Day Return and Railrunner. On a regular basis, special tickets will be also available.

E-tickets look different from tickets not bought online, but have the same validity and are to a large extent governed by the same terms and conditions. One important difference is that once they have been bought, e-tickets are never refunded. Read more at rules and conditions (PDF, 23 kB).

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How to buy an e-ticket

You buy your e-ticket here. There are four simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Journey details
You select the type of ticket, your route and the class you wish to travel in. You also enter the date of travel: this is the day on which the e-ticket will be valid.

Step 2: Personal details
When ordering the e-ticket, you enter the full name and date of birth of the person who will be travelling with it. The e-ticket is personal. It is therefore necessary for you to copy the details from the valid ID (passport, ID card or driving licence) of the person who will be travelling with the e-ticket. The person's initials, surname and date of birth will be printed on the e-ticket exactly as you provide them.

Would you like to buy multiple tickets? You can. For example for a travelling companion or for a different day of travel. You can add, delete or change an e-ticket in an order.

Check your details a second time if necessary; there is no refund for an e-ticket that has been ordered and paid for.

Step 3: Paying for the order
You pay using iDeal, secure online banking with your own bank. The participating banks are ABN Amro, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, ASN Bank, Knab, RegioBank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot. You will receive confirmation of your payment.

Step 4: Printing your e-ticket
The e-ticket is created immediately in the confirmation screen, and you can download and print it.

You will then be sent an e-mail for your records, containing a link to the e-ticket. You can either print the ticket right away or later when you receive the e-mail with the e-ticket as an attachment.

The confirmation screen and the e-mail message themselves are not valid tickets. Only the file you reach with the link is a valid ticket. You download this file and print it yourself in A4 size, in colour or black and white. This printout is your e-ticket, with which you can travel on the day you have chosen and with your valid ID.

We will send the e-mail to the address you supply. E-mail addresses with a firewall, such as are often used by businesses, are accessible with difficulty or not at all, so always use an e-mail address without one.

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Travelling with an e-ticket

Make sure that you always have the e-ticket and valid proof of identity with the same name with you. You are required to show both when tickets are checked on the train and at stations.The date of travel shown on the e-ticket and the actual date of travel must be the same, and the same applies to the route travelled.

Only valid, when:

  • A valid e-ticket is in the passenger's name, and the ID has to bear the same name. Your e-ticket is in your name and cannot be transferred to a different person.
  • An e-ticket is only valid if it is printed in A4 size. The confirmation e-mail sent to you is not an e-ticket, but the attachment is. Travelling on the basis of a printout of the receipt is not permitted.

Your e-ticket as a ‘key’ to the gates
Gates are being deployed on more and more stations. If you are travelling with an e-ticket then you use the square barcode on your e-ticket to open the gates. See the instructions below:


Can you see a Security Alert?

Security settings
Depending on your PC's security settings, you may see a pop-up window when paying using iDeal, stating that you are about to leave a secure environment. This can be in Dutch or in English, depending on your language settings.

You will be asked if you want to continue. Click on Yes.

This is safe, and it is the only way to return to the confirmation screen in which your e-ticket was created.

If you answer No, your e-ticket will probably not be created, and you will not receive an e-mail.


E-ticket terms and conditions

Even though an e-ticket is actually an ordinary train ticket, there are some special terms and conditions.

A number of standard terms and conditions apply to e-tickets:

  • The General Terms and Conditions of the Netherlands Railways for the transport of passengers and hand luggage, known as the AVR-NS (PDF, 158.3 KB) (PDF, 166 kB) apply to e-tickets as much as they do to all the products and services we provide.
  • The Product terms and conditions (PDF, 126.3 KB) (PDF, 128 kB) also apply to various types of ticket: Single, Return and Day Excursion Tickets.
  • We observe the regulations concerning personal information as laid down in the NS Privacy Policy.

Once e-tickets are ordered and paid for, they cannot be cancelled. E-tickets cannot be exchanged for money. An e-ticket is only valid if it is printed in A4 size. Read all about the specific terms and conditions (PDF, 67,6 Kb) regarding e-tickets.

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