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Ticket and pass types

Single-use chipcards

The single-use chipcard is a paper ticket with that contains a chip inside. If you are not planning on travelling a great deal, the single-use chipcard is the best option. This paper chipcard can be purchased from an NS ticket machine or a Tickets & Service desk and is valid for all train operators. You do not have to add any credit to this card.

When you purchase a single-use chipcard you always pay the full fare, which means you do not get any travel discounts. There is a € 1 supplement on the four most commonly used products (single journey, return ticket, day travel cards and the AnaarBeter ticket) to cover the additional costs of the card. You do not pay a supplement for the Rail Runner, Bicycle Supplement, Dog Supplement, ICE single journey with supplement, Euregioticket, trains with a supplement on the HSL and tickets to Germany and Belgium.

Important! When you travel with a single-use chipcard you must check in and out with each train operator through the gates or posts. It's no problem to check in and out at NS gates without an OV-chipkaart.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Does a single-use chipcard allow me to do the same things as the standard OV-chipkaart?

    No, with a single-use chipcard you can only check in and out with the product previously added to the ticket by the ticket machine. The single-use chipcard does not allow you to use the card as an e-purse (travelling on pre-paid credit) and it is not possible to add a balance or other product to a single-use chipcard.

  • Can I purchase a single-use chipcard with the 40% discount?

    The single-use chipcard is only available for full fare tickets. Paper tickets with the 40% discount are no longer available from NS ticket machines or the NS service desk. If you want to use the 40% discount, you must have an OV-chipkaart.

  • How do I use the single-use chipcard?

    Travelling with a single-use chipcard is the same as travelling with a standard OV-chipkaart: you must check in for every journey and check out when you leave the station. The single-use chipcard is only valid when you check in. Checking in and out is also important for products such as day travel cards if you apply for a refund should your journey be delayed.

  • Why is there a supplement on single-use chipcards?

    The single-use chipcard is more expensive to produce and distribute than paper tickets and for this reason a supplement of € 1 is applied to this type of ticket. This arrangement is similar to that with other public transport companies where you pay a higher price for an individual tram or bus ticket than you would using the OV-chipkaart.

  • What are the supplements applied to the single-use chipcard by other operators?

    Other operators apply the same supplement of € 1 to single-use chipcards as applied by NS

  • Can the single-use chipcard be purchased from any ticket machine?

    No, single-use chipcards are not available from all ticket machines. Some machines can only be used to add credit or to collect ordered tickets. Information on the machine will clearly indicate whether single-use chipcards can be purchased from it. Each station has at least one machine at which you can purchase single-use chipcards.

  • What other alternatives are available to the single-use chipcard?

    You can choose between the following alternatives:

    1. E-ticket: Purchase an e-ticket online and print out the ticket yourself. Available from ns.nl/eticket.
    2. OV-chipkaart: Purchase an OV-chipkaart online at ov-chipkaart.nl or from an NS ticket machine.
    3. For international passengers: For international journeys you can purchase your ticket online from NS International.


Rail Runner

For children aged 4 to 11. Children can travel unaccompanied in 2nd class with a Rail Runner ticket. In 1st class children must be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old, max. 3 children per adult). The Rail Runner is available as:

  • a single-use chipcard and can be added to an OV-chipkaart. Your child must have their own OV-chipkaart, which may be an anonymous or personalised OV-chipkaart.
  • an e-ticket. This e-ticket can be purchased here

Where to Purchase

  • NS ticket machine and Tickets & Service desk


  • Children can travel unaccompanied in 2nd class with a Rail Runner ticket. In 1st class children must be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old, max. 3 children per adult) on the same route.


  • Rail Runner: €2.50 per child.
  • A maximum of three children per accompanying adult are allowed to travel first class at the Rail Runner rate.
  • Tickets for additional children may be purchased at a 40% discount.

International train

  • On the ICE International you must also pay the supplement for Rail Runner(s).
  • Railrunner tickets are not valid on Thalys.

Children under the age of 4

Children under the age of 4 travel free of charge provided they do not require a seat


Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Easy going and all-in-one
Public transport is the ideal way to reach Amsterdam, get to know the city and to visit all its attractions. The easy all-in-one Amsterdam Travel Ticket includes a 2nd class return ticket to and from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by NS train, to any station in Amsterdam. Combined with unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on all trams, buses, night buses, metros and ferries operated by the Amsterdam transport company GVB, this is the perfect ticket for exploring Amsterdam.

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ICE International supplement

  • Rijdende ICE hogesnelheidstreinTravel within the Netherlands on the ICE International (route Amsterdam - Utrecht - Arnhem and back) requires a ticket supplement of € 2.
  • You can purchase the supplement from NS ticket machines and the Tickets & Service desk located in the larger stations.
  • If you have an OV-Jaarabonnement (Public Transport Annual Pass) or a Jaartrajectabonnement (Annual Route Pass), you do not have to purchase the supplement if your pass is valid for some or all of the Amsterdam Centraal - Utrecht Centraal – Arnhem route.


Intercity direct

The Intercity direct is an Intercity train that runs on the high-speed track, making it the fastest connection between Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol, Rotterdam Centraal and Breda. If the section Schiphol – Rotterdam Centraal is part of your journey, you must have an Intercity direct Supplement in addition to your NS ticket. The Amsterdam - Schiphol and Rotterdam - Breda sections do not require a supplement.


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The OV-chipkaart

What is the OV-chipkaart?

The OV-chipkaart is the public transport smartcard that is used as a ticket for all public transport in the Netherlands. The same card allows you to travel on the train, tram, bus and metro. The OV-chipkaart is usually more convenient if you are staying in the Netherlands for a longer period. You use this card to check in for each mode of transport as you depart and to check out again when you arrive.

You can add different season tickets to your OV-chipkaart that let you travel more cheaply. You can also use it as an e-purse (travelling on pre-paid credit). However, if you are not planning on travelling a great deal, you have the option of buying a single-use chipcard. The single-use chipcard is a paper ticket that contains a chip. You also use the chipcard to check in and out.

Get to know the OV-chipkaart


Did you know that?

  • NS offers a number of different rail cards, tickets and passes to meet all your travel needs.
  • Simply click on the option that applies to you.
  • Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact the Tickets & Service desk or a member of our staff at any NS rail station.



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