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Day Travel Cards


Day Travel Card

  • Unlimited train travel for one day throughout the Netherlands.
  • The best option for a one-way journey, return or round trip that will cover 250 kilometres or more.

Public transport Day Travel Card

  • Similar to the Day Travel Card except that for only € 5,50 extra, this card also allows you to use the bus, tram and metro for the day.

Bicycle Day Travel Card

  • Bicycles may be taken on the train during off-peak hours.
  • To do this you purchase a Bicycle Day Ttravel Card from the ticket machine.
  • A Bicycle Day Travel Card allows you to take a (folding) tandem, reclining bicycle or disassembled racing bike on the train.
  • A Bicycle Day Card is not necessary for a standard folding bicycle. Passengers may take standard folding bicycles on the train with them free of charge (provided they meet the terms and conditions)


  • Day Travel Card: one day of unlimited travel throughout The Netherlands on all domestic trains listed in the Journey Planner.
  • In addition, the OV-Dagkaart (Public Transport Day Travel Card) is also valid on all public transport on which the official national tickets (multi-journey zone tickets and 'Sterabonnement’) are valid.

Where to purchase

  • NS self-service ticket machine;
  • NS Service Desk (additional fee € 0,50) 


  • Day Travel Card 2nd class full fare: € 49,20
  • Day Travel Card 1st class full fare: € 83,60
  • Dog Day Travel Card € 3, irrespective of destination.
  • Bicycle Day Travel Card € 6, irrespective of destination.

Terms and conditions concerning carriage of bicycles

  • You can take your bicycle with you on the train only during off-peak hours. Peak hours are weekdays from 06.30 to 09.00 and from 16.30 to 18.00. This restriction does not apply at weekends, on public holidays or in July and August.
  • Bicycles must be placed in the special bicycle area on the train. You will recognise this area by the sticker on the outside of the train.
  • If there is no room in the bicycle area for your bicycle, NS staff retains the right to ask you to take a later train.
  • Before, during and after the journey you are responsible for your bicycle. NS is not responsible for loss or damage of your bicycle (except in the event of negligence on the part of NS).
  • NS cannot insure or arrange for insurance of your bicycle.
  • Any luggage (including sidebags) must remain on the bicycle.
  • Bicycles and other means of transport equipped with a combustion engine are not allowed on the train for safety reasons.
  • You are not allowed to take bicycle trailers on the train.
  • Cycling is prohibited at stations and on platforms.

Folding bicycles

Folding bicycles may be transported as hand luggage free of charge.


  • The bicycle must be folded in a compact manner at all times.
  • The folding bicycle must not hinder other passengers or obstruct the aisles at any time.
  • Folding bicycles must not be placed in a luggage rack.
  • If in the chief guard's opinion the folding bicycle is causing a nuisance or hazard, you may be obliged to leave the train with your bicycle.



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