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Refunds for delays

When do I qualify for a refund?

The refund policy applies

  • If you arrive at your destination station 30 or more minutes late as a result of an NS delay, irrespective of the cause of the delay.
  • On all domestic NS journeys.
  • To certain extra tickets/passes, such as Railrunners and Bicycle Day Travel tickets.

The refund policy does not apply

  • If the amount to be refunded is less than euro 2.20.
  • If the request is done more than 3 month's after the day of travelling.
  • If NS communicated the extended journey time in advance. Information on track works can be found at Changes In Rail Traffic. Teletext page 754 and www.9292ov.nl also contain information concerning interruptions due to tracks works and other circumstances.
  • If the delay occurred while travelling with other carriers such as Arriva and Syntus.
  • When the delay is due to forces of nature (thunderstorms causing power outages, flooding, earthquakes, etc.)
  • On international journeys.

Calculating your delay

A delay is the difference between the time you were supposed to arrive at your destination station according to the NS timetable and the time you actually arrived.


How much will I be refunded?

  • The Refund for Delays policy does not apply if the amount to be refunded is euro2.20 or less.
  • The amount refunded is based on the fare. A Single is one journey, a Return is two. The fare for passes is based on the average number of journeys that a pass holder makes with his/her pass.
  • The following passes are not subject to a refund: Public transport zones and public transport sections with Jaartrajectabonnementen (Annual Line Pass), Maandtrajectabonnementen (Monthly Line Pass] , the OV-Jaarabonnement (Public Transport Annual Pass], Maandnetabonnement (Monthly Network Pass), Day Travel Card and Zomertoer (Summer Tour Card).
  • Some restrictions may apply to specific tickets/passes.


How do I apply for a refund?

  • Obtain a 'Refunds for Delays’ form (along with the postage-paid reply envelope) from an NS Service Desk, Wizzl convenience store or Kiosk shop located in NS trains stations. You may also request the form by telephone at 0900-1462 (euro 0.10 per minute; within the Netherlands only).
  • Only original forms will be processed. (No photocopies, please.).
  • Use one form per person.
  • Send your original ticket/pass and any additional tickets/passes, such as Railrunner tickets, with the form.
  • If you have an OV-Studentenkaart (Public Transport Student Pass) or a Maandabonnement (Monthly Pass), please send a copy of the pass with the form. Be sure all copies are legible.
  • If the journey was made using an NS-Jaarabonnement (NS Annual Pass) or OV-Jaarabonnement (Public Transport Annual Pass), it is not necessary to send a copy of the pass along with the form.
  • If you used one ticket/pass for both the outbound and return journeys and were delayed on both, you may use one form to apply for a refund for both journeys.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of all submitted documents for your own records.
  • If you do not receive a reply to your refund request within six weeks of submitting it, you may contact NS Customer Service at 030 7515155 to determine the status of your request

NS-/OV-Jaar(traject)abonnement [NS/public transport annual (route) pass] holders can complete the form online.


Refunds for delays

  • We make every effort to keep our trains running on time. Unfortunately, however, delays still sometimes occur.
  • By delays we mean the difference between the time you were to arrive at your destination station according to the NS timetable and the time you actually arrive.
  • We will be happy to offer you a refund if your travel was hindered by 30 minutes or more as a result of an NS delay.


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