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Passenger rail service

NS strives to provide convenient, fast, safe and affordable travel and to ensure that people can reach their destinations in a sustainable manner. NS is developing into a broad service provider that works with other companies to offer the customer the option of 'smart' travel based on the most up-to-date information. Convenient travel, from door to door.

Passenger rail service

Domestic passenger rail transport (NS Reizigers)

'Everything related to running the trains and servicing the customer'. That is the foundation for the activities of NS Reizigers. NS Reizigers strives to:

  • have the trains run on time
  • provide enough comfortable rolling stock
  • provide good service and information
  • arrange adequate services in the event of a disruption

Quality for the traveler

On an average work day, more than 1,000,000 customers utilise our services and travel by train. 
The customer expects quality, so over the next few years we will be implementing improvements necessary to make 'the customer's journey' even better. 
NS is investing in modern and reliable trains. Good, safe and comfortable transportation are vital for our customers' satisfaction. But the customers' expectations are constantly changing, and these expectations have an effect on the sustainability of their train journey.

Positive experience at the stations

Stations are a vital link in the traveler's journey from door to door. A positive experience at the station contributes to their general appreciation of the journey, and a good station increases the likelihood of them choosing the train as a travel alternative.

International passenger rail transport (NS International)

NS International is the international subsidiary of NS, offering train travel to destinations abroad. NS International services include high speed trains such as Thalys, ICE International, Eurostar and TGV.

NS international not only offers the traveler speed and convenience in booking tickets, but also during the journey to and from the station, in the train and at the station. More and more of these services are appearing at the stations, such as the NS International Lounges at the stations Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol.

In addition to facilitating domestic and international high speed connections in both sales and operations, NS International also participates in a number of joint ventures that offer an increasing number of high speed train services.

Passenger rail transport abroad (Abellio)

Abellio is a subsidiary of NS responsible for the acquisition and profitable operation of public transport concessions in the liberalised European market. With its Best Practice Programme, Abellio offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between NS and the foreign companies.

Abellio provides bus and rail transport services in Great Britain and Germany, and transports 1.2 million passengers daily. In Great Britain, Abellio has implemented the rail concession for the urban rail service in and around Liverpool (Merseyrail) since 2003, and since 2004 it has provided rail services in Northern England (Northern Rail). Both services are 50-50 joint ventures with Serco. In 2012, Abellio added Greater Anglia as well. Abellio also provides bus services in Central and South London and Surrey via its bus company Abellio London & Surrey.  In Germany, Abellio's bus and rail company Abellio Deutschland provides bus and rail transport services in the federal states of Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony.