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Transparent about our performance

At least once per quarter, NS looks back at the figures published here and provides the most striking results with background information. This information and interpretation can be found below.

Periodic audits

The indicators on this part of the site have been determined together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and are in the transport concession. We periodically carry out audits on the measurements in order to monitor the reliability of the figures.

Customer assessments

The customer's assessment is derived from surveys filled out by passengers who rate our performance on a scale of 1-10. The graphs and tables show the percentage of passengers that rate a certain aspect as 7 or higher.

Types of indicators

We use 2 different kinds of indicators:

  1. Performance indicators: these are marked with an agreed minimum norm that NS must attain over the years 2015 to 2019. If NS fails to do so, then it must pay the Ministry of I&E a fine. The norm is shown as the base value in the graphs. The performance indicators also include a target value. That is the score that NS must attain in 2019. The target value is higher than the base value and shows how much NS will improve in the coming years. NS ascertains the progression value annually.
  2. Information indicators: these show our performance with regards to various other aspect of service provision. We have not agreed to any norms with the government for these indicators. Almost all indicators are measured monthly or quarterly. NS makes all current information available on the site a calendar month after the relevant period of time.
    The most recent customer assessments, Performance and Information indicators can be found in this document (in Dutch).

Every quarter, NS looks back at the figures published here and provides the most striking results with background information. You can find this information and interpretation in this article.


We are dedicated to constantly improving the performance on these pages. Your feedback can help us to do so. Do you have questions or comments about the information offered here? Then send us an e-mail.


We sometimes refer to the HoofdRailNet (HRN). You can see which routes this involves in the HoofdRailNet pdf file below.

Fiscal strategy

The document below explains how NS deals with taxes and tax risks.

This fiscal strategy has been approved by the Executive Board, and applies to all taxes in countries where NS is active.