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OV-chipkaart Dossier

NS considers its core task to be the safe choice of transport for passengers to their chosen destinations on comfortable trains and via pleasant stations. The OV-chipkaart provides NS with a variety of possibilities for transporting passengers to their chosen destinations safely, now and in the future. The OV-chipkaart also makes it easier for passengers to use public transport in the Netherlands.

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Why do we need the OV-chipkaart?

Increasing numbers of gates in use

Why are there gates at station X? Why not at station Y? NS is installing access gates at 82 stations. These stations constitute a carefully assembled network. When determining the network's structure, attention was paid to the geographical distribution of the stations, the number of passengers boarding and disembarking, public safety at the stations, the link with known aggressive incidents and the chance of people travelling without tickets avoiding gates by disembarking at a smaller nearby station (so-called waterbed stations). The choices that were made were always the result of a combination of carefully considered factors.

Safer, fairer, easier

Travelling with the OV-chipkaart, in combination with the installation of gates at 82 controlled access stations, helps to increase security at stations and prevent people from travelling on the train without a ticket. Various pilots and observation in large cities have shown that travelling without a ticket has dropped by several percent.

Not taking the train, but still going to the station

Getting through the gates with the access card

International passengers

Foreign passengers need to get through the gates too


Accessibility of the gates

Information for carriers

Controlled access at all stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the OV-chipkaart

Always improving

NS wants to keep improving the way the OV-chipkaart is used.