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Information for carriers

Several stations in which NS is installing controlled access are part of multiple concessions. In such cases, it is necessary to look for a solution together with all the stakeholders prior to putting the gates at these stations into use. This way customers and employees can continue to reach the trains without hindrance.

Private carriers

Trains belonging to private carriers can also call at stations at which gates are installed. NS will provide a suitable solution depending on the circumstances at each particular station. Possibilities are:

  • Printing unique square barcodes on the tickets. These barcodes could be privately generated or provided by NS.
  • Providing the passengers with KeyCards with unique square barcodes. These KeyCards are provided by NS in booklets of 25 to 75. They are not valid tickets.
  • Tailor-made solution for opening the gates.
  • The provision of station visitor access cards for employees.

See also the list of stations at which gates have been or will be installed.

Agreements between ProRail and NS

Various agreements were made regarding controlled access to stations and platforms in ProRail's Network Statement. These are publicly available.

Would you like more information, will one of your trains be calling at a station where gates are in use or would you like to request access cards for your employees? Then please contact .

What is a KeyCard?

A KeyCard is a card with a square barcode on it that a passenger can use to open gates. The KeyCard is not a valid ticket. KeyCards are issued to carriers in booklets of 25 or 75. A KeyCard can be used to open gates for:

  • A return journey
  • A break in the journey
  • Entering or leaving a station, to retrive something from a locker for example

NS provides instructions in a variety of languages in order to explain to customers how they can use the KeyCard's square barcode to open gates.