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Why do we need the OV-chipkaart?

Travelling with the OV-chipkaart, in combination with the installation of gates at 82 controlled access stations, helps to increase security at stations and prevent people from travelling on the train without a ticket. Various pilots and observation in large cities have shown that travelling without a ticket has dropped by several percent.


Access gates

NS is using a mixture of measures to ensure safety on the train and at the station.

  • Well-trained conductors
  • Safety personnel
  • The service centre
  • Camera surveillance and thoughtful layout of stations

By installing access gates, NS is taking the next step. Gates decrease the chance of aggressive behaviour towards employees and customers, and make travel safer. How? From 2014 to 2016, all the gates at the stations will be put into use.

Less people travelling without a ticket

Thanks to the gates, the number of people travelling without tickets has decreased significantly. Research conducted by NS has shown that the decrease in numbers of people travelling without tickets is also linked to a decrease in the number of incidents on our trains. The gates ensure that incidents are kept out of the train. It is possible that these incidents will then instead occur at the stations, but if this is the case they will be easier to manage. At the station, police and other specially trained NS staff can intervene.


NS strives to enable passengers to travel from door to door for a fair price. Thanks to the gates at our stations, you will check in or out when passing them on 90% of your journeys. This greatly decreases the chance that you will forget to check out or have to ask for a reimbursement. People who travel without tickets do not yet pay anything to use public transport in the Netherlands. Thanks to the gates, the number of people not paying will decrease and more people will be contributing to public transport. A much fairer system.

The OV-chipkaart makes it possible for passengers to pay a fair and transparent price for their journeys. After all, you pay per carrier. Thankfully, passengers no longer have to pay two boarding fees. Furthermore, as of next year, if you are paying for a long journey, you will not just receive a long distance discount from NS but also from other carriers. That is also much fairer.


Since its introduction the goal of the OV-chipkaart has been to make using public transport simpler. This is still an ambition that NS, together with other carriers in the Netherlands, would like to achieve. Incidentally, 80% of passengers are currently satisfied with the OV-chipkaart system. Among other things, they appreciate the convenience of the travel product. Companies and organisations can approach NS to easily purchase subscriptions for multiple employees at once. The introduction of the OV-chipkaart prompted NS to allow these groups to make use of a ‘Travel on Account’ system and to renew the entire range of products for businesses. ‘Travel on Account’ users can customise their journeys on public transport and pay the invoice afterwards. For example, this saves a lot of time in administration.

Single-use chipkaart

NS is working hard in collaboration with other carriers to offer the convenience of the OV-chipkaart to people who do not use public transport often. Partly as a result of a request by ROVER, a consumer organisation, a special ticket was introduced for this purpose: the single-use chipkaart. With this ticket, occasional passengers can easily get through the gates and onto their train. This ticket is subject to a supplementary charge because of the additional production and distribution costs of tickets with integrated chips. Soon the vast majority of passengers will travel using an OV-chipkaart and using a single ticket will primarily be of interest to occasional passengers and tourists.

Other railway carriers

In addition to placing the entire product range on the OV-chipkaart, NS would also like to work with other carriers to make the entire portfolio 'interoperable'. That is to say, that passengers with a subscription will also be able to travel with other carriers in the Netherlands.