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Sustainable Energy

Since 2017, all of our trains have run on sustainable energy, so travellers have a climate-neutral option for long-distance travel.

Purchasing sustainable energy

The electricity is generated by new wind farms belonging to our energy supplier Eneco. This provides a stimulus for the energy market and helps the growth of sustainable energy providers.

New sources

NS has signed a contract with Eneco to provide electricity to operate all of our trains. NS consumes 1.3 terawatt hours of electricity each year, which is the equivalent of 1% of the Netherlands' electricity consumption, or the total electricity consumption of all of the households in Amsterdam. The sustainable electricity we use is generated by wind farms, which will be put into service in phases. Half of the electricity comes from the Netherlands, and the other half is imported from Sweden, Finland, and Belgium. See the table below for the current situation. This energy is directly traceable to individual wind farms, because we use the GVO European Certification System.

Country and wind farm

Percentage of total wind energy 2018

The Netherlands:
Westermeerwind, Luchterduinen
Mörttjärnberget, Ögonfägnaden
Tohkojan, Jokela
Arlon, Berloz

Other rail carriers are participating as well

Each year, NS purchases 1.4 terawatt hours of sustainable energy on behalf of VIVENS, an association of the rail carriers: ProRail, Arriva, Connexxion, Kombi Rail Europe, DB Schenker, Rotterdam Rail Feeding and Rurtalbahn Benelux.

What else does NS do?

All NS buildings use wind-generated electricity. We also look for new ways to contribute to green energy production in the Netherlands. Some examples of our efforts include solar panels installed on several of our workshops, and our partnership with Vattenvall, which will be installing new wind turbines on our facility in the Amsterdam port area.