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Upcycle products

We aim to give the materials we use a second life. We have hired designers and companies to help us to make products from old materials, such as seating upholstery or yellow travel information signs.

New products

Old train seating upholstery and yellow travel information signs are given a second life as new products. We call this up-cycling. For example, old signs are made into trays, notebooks, toys or bird houses. Old seating upholstery is made into bags, sometimes even with graffiti that we would rather not see on our seats, but that makes the bags unique. A great sustainable gift! The old train materials are given a new function and this way they remain useful for years to come. Designers and companies, that share our desire to recycle waste, make these new products.

Where are these new products for sale?

Upcycle products

Various bags, cushions and wash bags made from train seating upholstery

Trays, notebooks, toys, photo frames, whole travel information signs

Birdhouse, migratory bird, bird feeder